Cranial Nerves Mnemonics for Medical Students

  • I – Olfactory nerve
  • II – Optic nerve
  • III – Oculomotor nerve
  • IV – Trochlear nerve
  • V – Trigeminal nerve
  • VI – Abducens nerve
  • VII – Facial nerve
  • VIII – Vestibulocochlear nerve/Auditory nerve
  • IX – Glossopharyngeal nerve
  • X – Vagus nerve
  • XI – Accessory nerve/Spinal accessory nerve
  • XII – Hypoglossal nerve

  1. Oh, Oh, Oh, They Traveled And Found Voldermort Guarding Very Secret Hallows
  2. Oh, Oh, Oh, To Touch A Female Vagina Gives Virgins Amazing Happiness
  3. Oh, Oh, Oh, To Touch And Feel Virgin Girls Vaginas And Hymens
  4. OLd OPrah’s OCcupation: TROpical TRIps ABoard FAmous VESsels, GLamorous VAcations, ACCumulating HYPe
  5. OLd OPie Opened The TRunk And Found VEry Green Vestiges And Hemp
  6. OLd OPie OCcasionally TRies TRIGonometry And Feels VEry GLOomy, VAGUe, And HYPOactive
  7. On Occasion Our Trusty Truck Acts Funny. Very Good Vehicle Any How
  8. On Old Olympus’ Towering Tops A Friendly Viking Grew Vines and Hops
  9. On Old Olympus’ Towering Top A Finely Vested German Viewed A Hawk
  10. On Old Olympus’ Towering Top A Finn And German Viewed Some Hops
  11. On Old Olympus’ Towering Top A Finn And German Vault And Hop:(Note that the Vestibulocochlear nerve is referred to by its former name, Auditory, in this mnemonic.)
  12. OLympic OPium OCcupies TROubled TRIathletes After Finishing VEgas Gambling VAcations Still High
  13. Oliver the optimistic octopus trots triumphantly about facing audiences glossily vaguely spinning hippos.: (Note that the accessory nerve is referred to by its alternative name Spinal accessory nerve, and the Vestibulocochlear nerve by its former name, Auditory, in this mnemonic.)
  14. O! O! O! There’s The Abercrombie and Fitch. Very Gorgeous and Very Adorable! Ha!
  15. Orange orangutans often try to avoid feeding angry gorillas very ancient hotdogs. (The Vestibulocochlear nerve is referred to by its former name, Auditory, in these mnemonics.)
  16. On Old Olympus’ Tufted Top A Fat Armed German Viewed An Hop
  17. Oh Oh Oh Topless Tiffany And Fat Valery Got Vaginitis And Hepatitis
  18. Oh, Oh, Oh, To Touch And Feel Very Good Velvet. Such Heaven! (The accessory nerve is referred to by its alternative name Spinal accessory nerve in this mnemonic.And cranial nerve VIII is referred to as both Auditory and Vestibulocochlear.)
  19. Oh Once One Takes The Anatomy Final Very Good Vacations Are Heavenly
  20. OOO Truly There Are Five Very Gorgeous Vixens Awaiting Him
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25 Responses to Cranial Nerves Mnemonics for Medical Students

  1. LadyJava says:


  2. LadyJava says:

    oohhh what is this GG? so funny!

  3. GAGAY says:

    weeeeeeeh!!LJ chopped!!!

  4. GAGAY says:

    yeeeeeeeeh! these are how we memorize medical terms.. yeah, indeed so funny..doctors taught us these.. :p

  5. LadyJava says:

    hahahahhaha… number 13 is soooo long!! lol!

  6. GAGAY says:

    hehehe..which one sounds lusty,heheh,?

  7. LadyJava says:

    2 and 3.. lol!

  8. GAGAY says:

    hahah…those were what my male classmates are memorizing..and everytime we have exams, they used to say that.. :p

  9. vicy says:

    Hello!!Was here today..Would you mind adding my other blog? Please let me know so I can add you there too..God Bless!!

  10. gracia says:

    unsa mani gay? dala study na?

  11. I am Xprosaic says:

    Hi gagay! i've already added your 4 links! thanks!

  12. vicy says:

    already updated this blog gay

  13. GAGAY says:

    @Gracia: yep te study!

  14. GAGAY says:

    @ Xprosaic.thanks for adding my links.

  15. GAGAY says:

    @Vicy: thanks for updating te vicy!!! i will ping you as soon as i have added the link. πŸ™‚

  16. Naalala ko bigla yung Chemistry teacher ko nung college. She taught us how to create our own Mnemonics for our chem terms. Nakatulong naman kahit papaano. But I guess yours is even more complicated! =) What year are you na ba Gagay? =)

  17. so much nosebleed… ang hirap nito..

  18. Carizza Chua says:

    wow, what happened to the acronyms..

    i searched in wikipedia and they have different mnemonics. XD

  19. marri says:

    i don’t understand anything.
    i just know that it’s a
    BRAIN ?

  20. Nice post Gagay! For sure this will be a big help for medical students! πŸ™‚

  21. Gene says:

    What is this? Hahaha, but the words are funny. πŸ˜€

  22. Matsumoto says:

    ahihihi…cool! now this will keep one awake! πŸ˜€

  23. Herbert says:

    *Poof* !!

    I am completely lost on this one πŸ™ Wish I am a medical student πŸ˜€

  24. Sumi says:

    Oh oh oh, I think memorizing the mnemonics are as hard, or even harder, than memorizing the cranial nerves themselves! Tsk tsk.. I wanted to be a doctor when I was younger pa naman.. >.<

  25. Rossel says:

    Funny acronyms. This is how we memorize medical terms way back in college. It’s fun yet effective. πŸ™‚

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