After knowing that Didong was readmitted in Davao Doctors Hospital last Sunday, I wasn’t able to talk to anybody who accompany Didong yet coz I was really emotional knowing ’bout his situation. Only yesterday I had ample time talking to my sisters and my mum, even to Didong. They told me the whole story how they got to really bring Didong to the hospital.Didong suffered from non-epileptic seizure convulsion for five times though his temperature only ranged from 37-38 degrees centigrade. At first they just told me that he got high fever only for me not to worry much coz they knew how emotional am I especially when it comes to my nephew, Didong, and niece, Didang. Thence, they look for new Pediatrician and Neuro-Pediatrician to check for Didong’s general condition.

By far, he is generally ok. But still under observation if he’ll still be showing seizure within 24 hours, a lumbar puncture – a meningial test, will be done to Didong. According to the Neuro-Pedia, physically, Didong is very ok. There were no signs of having mental illnesses because that’s what my mum was freakinly afraid of, even I, after experiencing seizure of no symptoms. Actually, non-epileptic convulsions are usually experienced by patients having high fever ranging from 39-40 for pediatric patients. However, in Didong’s case, he had shown only almost normal temperature but still having seizure. For now, Didong’s attending physicians, his Pediatrician and Neuro-Pediatrician, are looking at the side of meningitis. Though this is still under observation. However, almost 90% showing no possibilities of meningitis since symptoms and signs for Didong to have meningitis are very negative.

Meningitis, by the way, is an infection in the meninges. Meninges are the coverings in our brain. If any infection happen in our meninges, this is one crucial thing, a deadly situation.

I have here a chart for you to check any of the unusual things you can observe in your babies.

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3 Responses to No to MENINGITIS

  1. LadyJava says:

    I'm so sorry to hear about Didong GG…

  2. LadyJava says:

    How is Didong now? Any improvement? Is there a cure for this?

  3. Harry says:

    Don’t worry! Meningitis can be cured simply with antibiotics! Unfortunately in severe cases there may be post-meningeal neurological signs, but they’re rare.

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