Pregnancy Calendar: Week 1 – Week 6

As promised to ate elai, I wanted to share here some of my little knowledge regarding pregnancy.

Week 1 – Take a prenatal vitamin, with 0.4 mg of folic acid (to help prevent neural tube defects) is a good idea. Avoid doing any form of chemical birth control, and avoiding other chemicals such as: alcohol, tobacco (even second hand smoke), x-rays, over the counter medications, and even discussing the prescription medications you are currently taking.

Week 2 – The pregnant’s uterine lining is thickening, and ovulation is getting ready to occur. Some women will actually feel ovulation, with a one sided pain called mittleschmerz (literally meaning middle pain). Better to know your family’s medical history to avoid further birth complications and learn more preconceptional health.

Week 3 – You have ovulated and have now been exposed to sperm! When the egg implants some women have a tiny bit of spotting called implantation bleeding, where the egg burrows into the uterine lining, shedding a bit. This is nothing to worry about. Your body also releases an immunosuppressant protein called Early Pregnancy Factor (EPF) to prevent your body from seeing the baby as an invader.

Week 4 – Try PT (pregnancy test). Most probably, the PT using urine will be positive now. UPT measures the amounts of the pregnancy hormone in urine. The pregnant will feel tired, urinate more frequently, experience mood swings, and possibly have tender or swollen breasts.

Week 5 – Pregnants may even feel cramping or a full feeling in uterus. Some women may also get headaches from a rise in hormones.

Week 6 – Your nausea may actually get worse this week as your hormone levels rise. Remember it’s called morning sickness, but it can strike at any point of the day. Your breasts may tingle, feel heavy, the areola (dark nipple portion) may become darker.

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