The Help You Need to Defy Aging

You may not be able to turn time back, but you can slow aging down using a simple addition of r lipoic acid. Using this supplement combined with healthy diet, exercise and proper rest will virtually turn back the hands of time in how you feel. It provides support for the heart, lungs, liver and brain at a time when you are most vulnerable to age-related illness.

Complete Support for the Aging Brain

One of the benefits of r lipoic acid is it induces an increase in cysteine, which assists in the biosynthesis of glutathione in a healthy brain. The increase in healthy oxygenation of the cells naturally improves memory and overall brain function. You no longer have to agree with the old-school belief that memory loss is a natural part of aging. Keep your brain in better health and enjoy the top performance as you age.

Beneficial to the Heart and Lungs

It is a heavily polluted world today. Very little of the air you breathe is free of some form of pollutant. One of the positive aspects of r lipoic acid is helping the guard against the damage of pollution through natural antioxidant protection. The benefits to the heart are two-fold. One is by restoring a balanced amount of ceramide in the heart and cardiovascular system. It induces the production of an enzyme named ALDEHYDE DEHYDROGENASE 2. This is responsible for relaxing the heart and speeding up the biotransformation of things that could harm the heart and turns them into a substance that is completely harmless.

Better Care for the Liver and Healthy Carbohydrate Uptake

The antioxidant qualities of r lipoic acid will keep the liver functioning at optimal levels. It gets increasingly difficult for the body to break down and use carbohydrates as needed as you age. The brain will benefit the most from the addition of r lipoic acid as it encourages the uptake of carbohydrates in a natural way.

The Boost in Antioxidants an Aging Body Needs

Antioxidants are a proven defense against the damage of natural aging to the body and mind. The r lipoic acid benefits of massive antioxidant boosts will push back aging in ways you never thought possible. The results will be lasting and you will feel more energized by the day.

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Support Your Healthy Skin With Moisture Attracting Products

Everyone wants to present their best face to the world, but aging skin tends to dry out and become wrinkled. Dry skin loses its elastic qualities and also begins to sag, especially around the lower jaw area and neck. In spite of their best efforts, cosmetic companies have not found a way to reverse the effects of aging. Most women have tried a dozen or so skin renewal products in hopes of reducing the appearance of wrinkled and sagging skin, but their efforts are usually futile.

Healthy SkinThe most effective way to prevent the appearance of dry, wrinkled skin is to use products that help retain moisture at an early age. Hyaluronic acid cream is a product that has been shown to not only retain moisture in the skin, but it also attracts moisture from the air and stimulates the skin to produce collagen. One of the most effective HA creams also includes squalane, jojoba seed and apricot kernel oils. This very effective cream smooths and conditions the skin to aid in the prevention of drying skin and the eventual development of wrinkles.

While paying a higher price for a cosmetic product does not guarantee it will be more effective than other lower priced products, certain cosmetic companies have done research to identify which ingredients work well together. Hyaluronic acid is included in various cosmetic products; sometimes as the only ingredient and other times combined with several ingredients. The best way for anyone to determine which product works best for them is through trial and error. However, it will likely be helpful to read through reviews posted by people who have purchased and tried the product.

Hyaluronic acid can be used as a cream, moisturizer or serum, and it can also be taken as an oral supplement. People with arthritic joints report taking the supplement does offer some relief for the painful condition. Skin products containing HA should be applied morning and night after removing any makeup and cleansing the skin. It is recommended the cream be applied on moist skin since HA works to retain and attract moisture. Certain people with light complexions should avoid sun exposure immediately after applying an HA product because it can make their skin more prone to sunburn.

Caring for Ourselves both Inside and Out

Every self-care ritual that we follow plays a constructive role in our health and wellness. This is why our health is our wealth. Without our health and wellness, our lives and even the lives of others can be compromised. We have to be concerned about more than just what we eat and put into our bodies. Just as we must eat well and live well to create and maintain a healthy interior environment in our bodies, we must also take care of our exterior.

Beautiful Healthy Inside and Out

Responsibility and Awareness…
Life can be quite dangerous if we go through it without a thought of protecting our bodies from the possibility of harm. From inception, our parents teach us to wear shoes to protect our feet or to use hot pads before we pick up a pot that has just finished cooking. It’s instinctual and natural to protect our bodies from obvious harm: So much so, that we are taught this practice at a fairly young age.

Protecting Our Vessels…
We protect ourselves, outwardly, by wearing seat belts, helmets, and other protective gear designed to suit a variety of different activities. Even the protective gear we wear is consistently upgraded to serve and protect us better like the helmet mounted heads up display, designed to increase our view of our surroundings. We wear sunscreen to protect the exterior packaging of our bodies, our skin, just as we wear shoes to protect our feet. It’s clear that it’s helpful and even necessary to protect our exterior selves just as much, if not more than we protect our interior.

Self-care is both natural and learned. Even the laws that govern our country place emphasis on the requirement to protect ourselves and others around us. Just about any and every activity that could present some form of harm to ourselves and/or others has a law of protectiveness surrounding it. Just as doctors take an oath to do no harm, we too have that same obligation to ourselves and those around us. Self-care is the heartbeat that protects us.