Migraine and Sinusitis AGAIN

As much as I want to stay online every time I have a vacant time from school spare time from studying, I still can’t manage to the past days because of my intermittent migraine due to my sinusitis.

MigraineMigraine (image from nhs.uk)

Before, when I have spare time at home, or such to steal a time to relax, I really do my online stuff or sometimes I do play online games like big fish in a small bowl and other online games. But I couldn’t manage to stay longer over the internet ~ in front of my desktop because of my migraine. My sinusitis ain’t that much to attack me when triggered. But once it has been, it usually cause me to suffer more with my migraine. The former only takes a day or two but not really worst because I also have my medicines and maintenance drug for it. But with the latter, migraine, it does not flew away even with the highest dosage of the drug taken and prescribed to me.

The doctor, my neurologist, has advised me that the migraine has been triggered by sinusitis and sleepless nights and physical stresses cause it to get even worse than usual, than before.

I guess, I just need some rest and spa sessions for this. *sigh*