Clinico-Pathologic Case Conference: Case of Fibroadenoma

One of the simplest case I’ve handled so far is the case of fibroadenoma.


The case conference where I presented the fibroadenoma case took me not more than an hour to present because, as I have mentioned earlier, it’s one simple case to handle. The panel of doctors were just so relaxed and calm which even made me more confident to present my case. In fact, one of the doctors threw me a joke in the middle of my presentation. He said, what is working capital, I mean, what is your working diagnosis? Then everybody in the room were laughing because the doctor even mention businesses then.

Suffice it to say, the case conference was a success.

Funny Doctor

I have a friend who is really a funny doctor. He loves to throw jokes which, most often times, are not so funny. But what makes us laugh out loud every time he shares his jokes are his facial expression, his totally freaking gestures and even the way he delivers makes one really laugh.

Funny DoctorFunny Doctor (image from

I can’t fully recall what his joke was but it was about singers, musicians and instruments since he also is inclined to music. He was making those music stuff a really fun thing as we passed by to the audio system control of the hospital. He saw a set of equipment which I assume the same as protools at guitar center and with that simple equipment, he made a very relevant joke.

He is indeed a funny doctor!

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