Blogging STILL!

I didn’t notice it’s already October 2012. And as what we always hear and we experience, time flies really fast that we can’t notice it.

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Since it is October 2012 already, should you all guys wake me up today! LOL! That was what I actually posted in my personal blog when the month of September 2012 arrived. Anyways, I guess many of you are asking if am I still blogging, yes! I do, I still am blogging even if I am busy in medical school. Somehow, I still can steal an hour or two just to make updates with my blogs and I am still happy seeing my blogger-mates and friends online even if I can seldom check Facebook and be online.

Health Blog Server Problem

For the past weeks, more than a month, I guess, I was out from the online world — from the blogosphere, because of some very personal reasons. That time, I was out, I didn’t know there were blog server problems where most of my blogs were badly affected including this health blog of mine.

I didn’t mind those stuff, actually, because when I get back online, things went well also. However, while I was trying to post all my articles, my blogs suddenly went offline for reasons I could not understand.

I just wish that blogs do also have insurances like life insurance without physical exams for humans so that when times like these — when blogs are badly experiencing server problems, at least a blogger could run to any blog specialist to back up or do other relevant things for the blogs. | Affiliate Program

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