The Patient’s Sacroiliac Belt (SI Belt)

I remember in one of our duty hours at the ward, with me being so clueless and empty-headed when it comes to medical equipment before, and being so curious on the stuff connected or being installed to the patients, I never hesitate to ask any who I thought could possibly answer me straight and true.

Thence, I asked my classmate. But it was just on that instance I knew that even she, herself didn’t know what the machine-like stuff rolled at the lower body part of the patient. Just in time, the resident hear us talking about that thing and immediately informed us that it was the patient’s sacroiliac belt or SI belt. But the resident didn’t explained to us more what that sacroiliac or SI belt for.

The Sacroiliac Belt or SI Belt is used to support the sacroiliac joints from any aggravating factors for its pain.

Discount Medical Uniforms

I finished my undergraduate degree from a public school having no required school uniforms. That was University of the Philippines Mindanao. Even attending classes with only pairs of slippers on, were allowed in school. And as far as I could remember, only in chemistry laboratories we were required to wear closed shoes for our own protection.

So when I entered medical school, wearing of required dresses are yet new to me since I wasn’t used to it. And even taking care of those plain white dresses are truly a strange thing to do for me. Believe it or not, I now have three sets of medical school uniforms since the first year I entered the school. Just imagine every year I have a new set of uniforms. That’s pretty a waste of clothing materials since my old uniforms were just dumped in my locker.

This year, I have no plans to add new sets of uniforms but the school required us to have one for our hospital duties.

image from Google images

l am thinking of availing for discount medical uniforms’ coupons or any vouchers. But I doubt if we were allowed to use one in school since, as far as I’ve known and as what were shared to us, only the school will provide us the uniforms, we were not allowed to purchase medical uniforms from other shops and stores.

I just hope that those new sets of medical uniforms will just be cheap and affordable for us.

No Classes Today due to 6.9 Magnitude Earthquake

Since yesterday, we do not have classes in medical school because of the 6.9 magnitude earthquake that has hit Cebu City and other areas in Visayas region on Monday, February 6, 2011.

I don’t know if I’ll be glad with this announcement or what. But with my present health status, I should be then. I am suffering from acute gastritis and LBM after I ate a slice of water melon which was just bought along the street. I won’t talk about it anymore because I am pretty sure you can picture how such water melon looking like. LOL!