I want memory foam mattress

This is not the first time that I talk about memory foam mattress. I already blogged about this in my other blogs, personal and the family blogs. I just want to share that I really wanted to have one here in my apartment. Here now, I am only utilizing the airbed which my mom bought for me last year.

Many said memory foam mattresses are really good. So for me to know which is which, I must try it.

How to Organize Your Fridge Freezer

Whilst it may be second nature to some, knowing exactly how to stock your fridge freezer efficiently and correctly can help prevent a whole host of issues, from making sure a mess is not made, to helping it work smoothly.


Let’s use the example of this Hotpoint fridge.

Starting with an easy one, make sure that the bottles in your fridge door are all standing upright. Laying bottles down reduces the amount of space that can be used, and leads to leaks which not only leave residue on the shelf, but also can drop onto food below.

Most fridge doors also have compartments for butter, eggs and cheese. This is an ideal place for them as this area is slightly warmer than other parts of the fridge, meaning your butter is easier to spread.

The bottom drawers are ideal for salad and vegetables as they are held at a specific humidity to keep them fresher and crispier for longer.

The main shelves should be organized with hygiene in mind. Store pre-cooked meats and other foods that can be eaten straight away on upper shelves, with fish and raw meats on lower shelves. Then if any dripping or cross contamination occurs on the raw foods, cooking will eradicate this.


Always separate food items into separate bags (I.E. don’t freeze a 20 pack of chicken breasts together, it will be a pain to separate them at a later date when you are only requiring a couple.

Make sure that you write the date on the food bag for when it was bought. That way you will know when it is best to use the item by, rather than finding a lasagne in the back of the freezer from a few years ago and then wondering whether it is worth the risk.

Finally, keep similar foods in the same drawers. When you know what you are after you can simply open the correct drawer and immediately get what you went in there for, rather than wasting time and energy rummaging around the freezer.

Alex Duthie currently writes for Appliances Online, a kitchen appliance retailer in the UK.