Coffee Has Anti-Cancer Effect

According to the US study which was published on Monday, August 15, 2011, it says that coffee can help reduce the risk of having skin cancer.

Coffee Has Anti-Cancer EffectsCoffee Has Anti-Cancer Effect (image from

How coffee helps? Well, according to the study, coffee kills off the damaging cells which are baseline for tumor cells. But off course, just moderate drinking.

You can read the full news on coffee’s anti-cancer link here.

By the way, I am not paid nor sponsored by the coffee company as shown in the image above nor endorsing such brand of coffee. I bought that coffee from my own pocket.

Am I Fat?

Since the school year has resumed, I have heard nothing from my friends but I gotten fat with just the month-long summer vacation I had. Actually, I can’t consider it was a month-long, but only a two-week-long vacation to be exact.

One time, my classmate in medical school suggested that I should try the American weight loss pills. Oh gosh! How fat really am I that I need to take loss weight pills? I only took that as a joke. However, when I tried wearing my medical school uniform on a week before the classes started, I really thought I need to take some weight loss pills because the uniforms has changed. I mean, I changed. I gained weight. My uniform is not fitted to me now. And believe it or not, I really opted to have new pairs of uniforms then.

Whaaaaaaat? I screamed on my mind! I guess, I really gained weight. Did I? If I’ll try a weight loss pills, would those still be effective? I am just wondering as such because I have read about the breakdown of the weight loss markets. I don’t understand much of it, honestly, but it’s more likely about the weight loss market, as far as I have understood.  But one thing I am certain now that the childhood obesity USA fast paced lifestyle is really approaching high.

Anyway, I guess I am just blabbing here. I need to think of my gaining weight today. Am I really fat?