Protect Your Family From Hazardous Smoke With A Custom Fireplace Mantel

In case you are not aware, fireplace mantels are originally designed to serve as a hood of a fireplace that catches the smoke. However, today, many of the fireplaces and fireplace mantels are designed to enhance a home’s interior design, which on the other hand increases the demand for custom mantel.

Health hazards of Wood Smoke

For the benefit of everybody, breathing wood smoke has various effects on our body. It can increase respiratory symptoms to develop like irritated airways, coughing, and difficulty breathing. It can also worsen asthma, develops irregular heartbeat, nonfatal heart attacks and more.

To keep away from these effects, install or let a professional install your custom fireplace mantel now.

No Medical Check-up

This is actually I, mom’s and my brother’s secret. So please, don’t tell anybody, especially dad. Smiley

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So please guys, don’t tell dad, OK?!?!? Smiley