Just a Pimple

Putting creams on my face is not on my daily beauty routine. I just usually do facial washing and of course, coping up from stressful student life, I sleep more than six hours every weekend. Fruits and vegetables are almost always on my table to naturally provide nourishment not just on my face and skin but for me, as a whole.

However, because of being impulsive traveler, unplanned quick trips are always the most successful and enjoyable one. In fact, I just came home from my very short, not more than 48-hour stay, in Bohol province. Along with those happy memorable moments with Ate Pinx and her family — my host, and Badat Genevive who traveled from Davao to Bohol also, one big reddish pimple was also trying to enjoy in my forehead.

I and Baby Job. Can you see the pimple over there?

Should I try even one, just for now, anything like eb5 facial cream, on my face? I need to put something to treat this because our party in medical school will be so soon and having this big pimple over my forehead is a no no!

Image above is owned and was taken by Ate Pinx while I was holding Baby Job, his youngest son.