How to Prevent Dental Plaque?

Millions are spent by people all across the globe in enhancing their physical appearance. The face is being taken care of and so are the hairs. And physical fitness, it would be better if we don’t go into the details of this mammoth industry. It is important that in the blind race for outer beauty, we don’t overlook one of the most important but often forgotten parts of the human body that plays a predominant role in the overall personality of anyone – the teeth.

Plaque is one of the major problems being tackled in dentistry today. It is a pale yellow colored biofilm/coating that develops on teeth over a period of time. It is a sticky covering formed due to the accumulation of bacteria and sugars that get attached to the teeth owing to ignorance toward hygiene.

What causes Plaque?

Generally, when we eat food items rich in carbohydrates (starch and sugar) like milk, raisins, soft drinks, candy or cakes; their traces are left on teeth. Bacteria present in mouth consume on these leftovers which in turn produce the acids. Such chemical reaction taking place inside the mouth on frequent basis leads to formation of plaque on the teeth.

How is Plaque harmful?

The acids released in the course of bacterial activity attacks the tooth enamel. The repeated attacks will lead to breakdown of the enamel which further leads to formation of cavities (i.e. tooth decay)

Plaque can also affect the tooth roots under the gum. This can further break the bone that supports the tooth.

If it’s not removed regularly, the teeth can be hardened into calculus or tartar, which makes the teeth-cleaning process even more difficult.

The accumulation of tartar over the gum line can lead to swollen gum tissues and gums may bleed as well. This is known as gingivitis, which is the early stage of the gum disease.

One major drawback with plaque is the pale yellow coloring over the teeth. The onlookers do notice it and it can give a dent to your looks. You tend to lose up on the impression people will have when talking to you. That’s the last thing you would want to experience in life. Visit glasgow smile clinic for further information on plaque formation in order that you may prevent/treat that.

How to prevent your teeth from Plaque formation?

  • Brush your teeth daily for at least 2 times. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and toothpaste containing fluoride.
  • Clean the area between the teeth using dental floss on daily basis
  • Periodical (minimum once in every 6 months) check-up with a dentist or Oral-hygienist is highly recommended.
  • Go for ‘dental sealant’ if required. It is a plastic coating on the teeth’s chewing surface to prevent them from decay and cavities. Seek your dentist’s advice for the same.
  • A balanced diet with reduced number of snacks between the main meals can be beneficial. If such snacks are inevitable, at least substitute unhealthy and starch rich food with nutritious food items like plain yogurt, fruit and raw vegetables. For instance, celery vegetable helps in removing food and neutralizing the acids that cause plaque.
  • Seek advice from reputed dentists like Dentist Glasgow.

When plaque can be prevented by incorporating very simple and easy lifestyle changes and habits, why should you let it dampen your overall personality? Why to give the gorgeous ladies around a useless reason to maintain distance from you? And remember, “Prevention is better than Cure”.

Author bio – The author is a writer with a leading health magazine. He has studied dentistry, so the focus of his writing is on dental care although he writes on other health related issues as well.