Varicose Vein Problem

I love to wear short pants and skirts. I even thought before to make my medical school uniform skirts to be shorter than the required length because I feel so awkward looking myself after the mirror with skirts longer below the knee length.

However, lately, I often experience leg pain. At first, I thought I just need a rest after a long walk with high heels. But I was wrong when I saw some strokes of varicose veins in my legs. A very small reddish but bulging vein I first noticed in a localized area of the leg pain. I consulted a medical doctor about my leg pain; she checked it. Unfortunately, as she said, I am already having the first signs of varicose vein problems which, if not treated well, would result to a disfiguring unattractive varicose veins over my legs. She recommended support stockings for women which I should wear everyday especially when I have a long day of just almost always standing like having hospital duties.

I can’t imagine my legs to be like the image above – having varicose veins over the back of the legs. I can’t wear short pants and skirts anymore, if that would happen. The worst things are varicose veins are very painful aside from making the leg not sexy to look at.