Tips for Clear Skin

For the past three months, I personally was suffering from non-stop pimples. They do not grow on my face in clumps or in number, but one by one —- one next to the other. For instance, as one pimple gets somehow ripened and about to bid off, another one, maybe a centimeter away, is starting to grow and bud out. This made me really sick of thinking how to minimize the growth of these pimples.

Pinoy MD Tips for Clear Skin

I had been consulting a lot of my friend doctors but none with dermatologists yet. But most of their advises were like to minimize stresses. But hey, my lifestyle has been like this and there were no room for added stressors anymore. What I mean is, ever since I entered the medical field, I have had no pimples even though I got less hours of sleep compared to undergraduate years, a more unhealthy foods and a literally stressful life compared before. But it’s just the very past 3 three months that these pimples are being like zombies attacking me.

What clever idea I did was that I stayed on health and beauty products department in the mall and asked some tips for clear skin and acne or pimple prevention ideas to the sales attendants. It was a real beauty gamble for me since it was my first time to experience it. Before, I don’t really believe on those stuff because I am not used to put something on my face not unless it’s a special event that a make-up is needed to wear on. But on daily basis, I wear nothing on my face nor even any powder. So a simple facial wash regime with the use of facial soaps caters my daily beauty needs.

I am not sure if these products I got in the said beauty department will do good to me. But I will just try.

Minor Changes to Your Appearance, Can Help Change the Way You Feel

Not all of us were fortunate enough to be born with the body we wanted. We may have liked it fine when we were in our teens, but as time has gone by, and we have gone through many changes, we aren’t very happy with that image in the mirror. Some of us work very hard to maintain our bodies. We may spend hours a week at the gym and watch everything that we eat. For some, this may be effective, but unfortunately for others, it can be very frustrating. Even if we work as hard as we can, we still can’t seem to get the results we want.

It’s not just our bodies that we are so critical upon. We will also find fault in other parts as well. Our skin plays a very large role in our vanity, perhaps more so for women, than men. We recognize those little lines, the minute that they appear. There may be family or friends that just don’t understand what we are feeling. They may even think we are being silly. The truth is we are our own worst enemies when it comes to beating ourselves up, and we can be pretty relentless, as well. It’s difficult to face the way we change, and sometimes it can be very depressing.

Luckily for those of us that need a little moral boost, there are great doctors like, Dr Kovak. These doctors understand what we are going through, and they have made it not only a mission to help us achieve what we want, but they have made it their careers. They know that we sometimes feel down because of the physical changes in our appearance that we can’t change. There are procedures that can be done to get the body or the skin we want, and it isn’t that difficult to obtain.

Wrinkle Reduction

The skin care system from JeNu Active-Youth combines a powerful cream-based restorative treatment for skin in the eye area with ultrasound technology to achieve new levels of wrinkle reduction simply and painlessly in the privacy of the user’s home. In a single daily two-minute session, a simple of application of the cream to the eye area with the sleek and convenient ultrasound wand results in firmer, more radiant skin. Designed by women for women,

Active-Youth provides nutrients and hydration necessary for the healthiest, most youthful skin possible. The Active-Youth system, which also includes Lip Serum, works by using ultrasound technology to help restorative treatments penetrate the outer layers of skin, soothing and smoothing fine wrinkles away for a clearer, more beautiful skin. This simple process, easy enough to be done by the user, results in a younger looking, healthier eyes and fuller, plumper lips to give women the healthy glow of youthful radience.

The Active-Youth process is safe, easy to manage and approved by the best physicians in the skin care field. It requires no embarrassing and inconvenient visits to doctor’s offices, and it does not interfere with daily life. A save, proven treatment containing A and C vitamins to neutralize free radicals and hyaluronic acid for skin hydration, Active-Youth can yield results in as little as 14 days. Wrinkles, lines and crows’ feet vanish, skin discolorations fade and dark spots lighten, leaving more youthful and radiant skin.