5 Tips for Success as a Med Student

Medical school can be brutal, so it pays to know a few shortcuts along the way. Here are just five tips for building the foundation of your future career while also retaining your sanity in a tough, hyper-competitive atmosphere.

5 Tips for Success as a Med Student

1. Figure Out Your Learning Style

Maybe you’re a visual learner who needs charts, graphs and lists to commit things to memory. Maybe you’re an audio learner who always retains verbal lectures better than written notes. Maybe you’re a kinesthetic learner who just likes putting your hands in a pile of guts! It doesn’t matter what your learning style is; just embrace it and utilize it as you work your way through med school. Don’t waste time trying to conform to study practices that are ineffective for your own method of learning. It’s the academic equivalent of forcing yourself to walk in a pair of ill-fitting shoes.


2. Minimize Distractions

Med school will be one of the most difficult periods of your life, so don’t go into orientation thinking that it’ll be just like undergrad. Even if you were able to party and study in equal measure while obtaining your bachelor’s degree, becoming a doctor will require a higher level of dedication. Tell your friends not to expect you at any keggers any time soon, and make it clear to your roommates that you mean it when you say “no noise after 10PM.” This is your future on the line.


3. Hold Onto Your Motivation

Why do you want to practice medicine? What dreams and desires get you out of bed in the morning? You’ll face a lot of challenges in med school, and it helps to have comforting thoughts to cling to during your bad days. Do you like envisioning your mother’s face when you come home with a medical license? Are you energized by the thought of giving back to your rural community once you’re an official doctor? Whatever your motivation, keep it at the forefront of your mind when times are tough.


4. Take A Minute to Recharge

No one can study 24/7, especially when the subjects are deep, heavy and full of medical terminology. It’s important to give your brain a rest every now and then. It doesn’t have to be a full weekend of leisure; it can be as simple as wrapping yourself in a blanket and turning off your phone for a two-hour nap. Just be sure to carve out some measure of time for yourself so that you can relieve the stress building up in your body.


5. Reach Out to Others

It’s not uncommon for med schools to have formal mentoring programs where young people are connected with older, more established professionals in their area of specialization. There are also a number of clubs, internships and student organizations that you can look into when beginning your network of acquaintances and contacts. There are all kinds of resources available when it comes to career advice for medical students, so don’t be afraid to grasp them with both hands.

These are just a few tips, habits and suggestions for succeeding in med school. Whether you’re nearing completion with your healthcare degree or just starting to look at potential med schools, use these guidelines as building blocks for your future career.

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Being There for Your Coworkers and Employees during Emergencies

The need for safety and predictability in your line of work takes on new meaning. When you are working at great heights, you need to be able to rely on your crew in case you run into trouble. Likewise, your coworkers and employees need to know that you will act quickly and come to their rescue if they have a crisis on the job.

You may know the basics of how to get up that pole and rescue the person tangled in the ropes or stranded at the top. However, you may need to brush up on some of the finer points of how to climb, perform a rescue from heights, and get everyone back on the ground safely. You can refresh your memory and try out new rescue tactics by taking OSHA-approved safety courses today.
Signing Up

Facilities that teach these lessons are inundated with people scrambling to sign up for courses. Employers want their workers to be safe on the job and ready to act in case of emergencies.

When you want to beat the rush and secure your spot in the classes you need to take, you can sign up today by going online. The website makes it easy to select and add your name to the list of attendees who are ready to learn what it takes to keep themselves and others in their company safe from harm or worse.

Getting More Details

In addition to signing up for the courses, you also need to prepare to pay for the instruction. As important as these classes are, they cannot be offered for free. You must pay some sort of fee or tuition in return for being taught the materials you and your crew need to know to stay OSHA compliant.

You can find out how much the courses cost by going online. You can review prices on the website or request a quote. The price you pay may depend on the number of people who are signing up for the lessons or how long you plan to stay in the course.

You may not ever need to climb up a pole and rescue a coworker or employee stranded at the top. Even so, it is important that you know how just in case an emergency occurs. You can sign up for emergency training and be ready to act fast by taking online courses today.

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Ways to Keep Teeth Healthy

Everyone desires a bright healthy smile and none of us can have this without taking care of our teeth. Proper dental health is something that’s important for all age groups from toddlers getting their first teeth,Healthy Teeth to the elderly. Our teeth require proper cleaning and care on a daily basis. In fact, there’s more to a healthy smile than proper dental care. Your diet plays a fundamental role as well.

Eat for a Beautiful Smile

A diet void of the proper vitamins and minerals can wreak havoc on your teeth as well as other parts of your body. Sugary foods and carbonated beverages eat away at the enamel of your teeth and don’t provide much in the way of good nutrition. It’s a good idea to eat a healthy balanced diet and reduce the number of sugary foods and drinks to a minimum. Your pearly whites will thank you later.

Keep Your Teeth Clean

Teeth retain their health when they are cleaned regularly. Brushing your teeth after each meal and upon waking and going to bed is healthy for your teeth because it eliminates trapped food particles and other non-healthy elements from your teeth. It’s a good idea to brush with a toothpaste that has some fluoride in it to prevent cavities and other dental disorders. Follow a good brushing schedule and include flossing to remove food particles from hard to reach places. It’s a good practice to take care of yourself from head to toe. Just as you may rush to see that dermatologist with Saturday hours because of your demanding work schedule, your teeth deserve that same time and attention.

The Annual Dental Exam

Although it’s great to brush your teeth, floss, and eat a healthy diet, you also need to see a dentist regularly to ensure that dental health issues don’t go unnoticed. A dentist is trained to spot underlying issues that may not be obvious to the average person. Much of the time it is possible to reverse many issues if they are caught early enough.

Good dental hygiene is a big part of excellent dental health. Learning to properly care for your teeth by brushing regularly, eating well, and seeing a dentist yearly are all a part of good dental hygiene. After all, we all know that good dental hygiene usually results in a healthy smile and optimal dental health.

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