Global Handwashing Day 2014

It’s Global Handwashing Day 2014 today! And the image below shows and even explains what #GlobalHandwashingDay is all about.

Global Handwashing Day 2014

Should I explain more? LOL!

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A busy mum’s guide to getting fit at home

It doesn’t matter how many kids you have, and whether you work away from home, or are a stay at home mum, when you have kids you are definitely a busy mum. You will always have something to do. There will always be someone to feed or somewhere you need to be.  All of this means you will have to rush through a shower most of the time, never mind finding time to enjoy a decent workout routine. This becomes a problem when you consider the fact that most women have to struggle with weight gain after pregnancy. There are natural slimming solutions that work well, but exercise is important for more than just your weight.

It is easy for you to get lost in daily activities and continue taking care of everyone else while forgetting about your health, your heart and your well-being. You need to make your health a priority and add some fitness time into each day.

Here are 5 tips you will find valuable as a busy mum:

Work out early in the morning

If you wake the kids up at a particular time each day, you could set your alarm 20 minutes earlier than usual. Play some good music on your iPod or smartphone and get down to some knee lifts, burpees, jumping jacks, push-ups, crunches and planks.  Steve at says that “exercise needs to fit in with your routines or you won’t develop the habit. Make it easy on yourself to get started by choosing a time of the day that is relatively distraction free.”

 Create a schedule

Earmarking specific times each day makes a whole world of difference if you are looking to achieve challenging fitness goals. If you have a clear schedule for working out, the chances of sticking to it are better. Settle down each week to create the schedule on your calendar, making a note of what routines you are supposed to do on each day. Forming a habit only takes a couple of weeks.

Don’t push yourself too hard in the early days and be realistic about the time you have, so that you don’t feel like you let yourself down if you miss a workout. Build exercise into your routines, don’t try and build your life around your exercise. When you drop the kids off at school head to the gym for 30 mins. Joining a gym with a crèche for little ones is a great idea.

Build a mini gym at home

If you don’t have time to work out in the gym away from home so you should consider building one in your house. A good personal trainer will give you advice on the equipment you should have in your gym, but some ideas include; a jump rope, yoga mat, resistance bands and dumbbells for a start. Set the items out in an area of the house where you can work out anytime you want without. You shouldn’t have to arrange your gym every time you want a workout, as this is another barrier to adherence to your plans.

Bring the kids into it

Sometimes, playing with your kids qualify can serve as a good workout session. Consider jumping for half an hour on the trampoline with them, swim a few laps in the pool with them (if available) or ride a bike with them. Exercise can be fun, and you can help your little ones form good habits and great attitude to exercise in the process.

Make the most of every minute

A good way to do this is to embrace interval training. These workout sessions alternate high intensity and low intensity exercise for 20 minutes. It has been proven time and again that a 20-minute interval session will burn as much fat as running for an hour. This means you are investing less time for bigger gains!

Finding time to work out as a busy mum is difficult, but it is certainly doable. These tips will help you become healthier and stronger in the long run, without encroaching on the time you spend on your “family activities”!

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Healthy Family Habits

Taking care of a family may seem like hard work because there is so much to consider, but once a schedule is established surrounding healthy habits, it becomes like second nature.

Start by analyzing everything that’s needed to keep the family healthy. For instance, the family should have an adequate amount of water. It may be wise to invest in a water filter of some sort to avoid the need of multiple water bottles. Skip soda and fruit juices that can have a substantial amount of sugar in each. Make fresh juice with a juicer instead.

Consider purchasing healthy food, such as a wide variety of fruit and vegetables. Consider how much lean protein the family should eat. Get healthy snacks. Create a schedule for eating. Focus on having three meals with two to three snacks. If there are small children in the home, bag up small portions of food for them to eat throughout the day or hand them some snacks when they are hungry. Small children tend to eat less; however, they eat more often. Once a schedule on eating is established, it will become automatic. It’s also helpful to bag up food ahead of time. Writing times on each baggie can assist with the process as well.

Consider how much physical activity, sleep and relaxation the family should have. While physical activity helps to work off extra calories and keep the body healthy, sleep helps to restore the body. Relaxation, although rarely talked about, is vital to each person’s health. It may be wise to invest in massage tables Toronto, such as what can be seen at Massage also helps the body to heal quicker. Take time to create a healthy family.

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