How Can I Tell If I Have a Cracked Tooth?

There is no definitive way to know if you have a cracked tooth without a diagnosis from a dentist. Sudden tooth pain can be caused by many sources, such as cavities, nerve sensitivity or injury. The best thing you can do is schedule an appointment with your dentist if you feel there might be a chance that a tooth has been cracked.

Sudden Tooth Sensitivity

One of the biggest signs that a tooth might be cracked is a sudden-onset of intense pain from a tooth. It might be due to biting on something hot or cold. Temperature and sweets sensitivity usually means that particles or fluids are able to access the nerve and set off the pain.
Dental X-Ray and Inspection

The dentist will do a thorough examination of your teeth and try and locate potential cracks. A crack will show up on x-ray at certain angles, but not every time. A visual inspection will be more telling to the dentist.

Dyes Can Find the Tiniest Cracks

The dentist can apply a surface dye to the tooth and it will allow even the smallest crack to be made visible. It is a positive and pain-free way to determine the extent of the problem. Once the dye is applied the dentist will begin another visual inspection to find the exact location and severity of the crack. From this he can make the best plans for treatment and alleviating the pain you are experiencing.
Bonding and Contouring

Smaller cracks can be dealt with using a bonding agent and finished by contouring and shaping the tooth. It is the perfect way to close up the crack and retain full use of your natural tooth. It will help strengthen the tooth and prevent further damage.

Veneers and Crowns

More serious cracks might need to be covered using a thin sheet of porcelain, called a veneer. If you are missing an entire piece of the tooth it will require the positioning of a crown over the surface. You will once again have a beautiful and complete smile. The dentist may have to do a root canal if the nerve is exposed, so that it eliminates the pain for good.

Contact a family-friendly dentist at Leeds in Yorkshire like and schedule an appointment if you feel you may be suffering from a cracked tooth.

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How To Stay Healthy While Earning Your Medical Degree

Obtaining a medical degree can be one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences in your life. However, earning the degree is typically a bit stressful for most students. In light of this reality, it’s important that you access and implement health-boosting strategies that will promote mood stability, clear skin, optimized energy levels, etc.

Use some or all of the techniques outlined below to make it happen:

1. Optimize Your Oral Hygiene.

If you want to maintain great health while earning your medical degree, make sure that you pay attention to your oral hygiene. Taking great care of your teeth is important because, in addition to optimizing the aesthetic appeal of your face, oral hygiene wards off unwanted diseases of the mouth as well as the rest of your body. There are several steps you can take to optimize your dental care process. One is remembering to have your teeth cleaned by the professionals at least once a year. You should also take the time to read articles about dental health. Online resources such as The Journal of Implant & Advanced Clinical Dentistry will provide you with information regarding a wide range of teeth-related topics. This journal of cosmetic dentistry can be particularly useful if you’re thinking about procedures like teeth whitening.

2. Implement Stress-Busting Techniques.

In many cases, medical students find themselves skipping sleep in order to study, take exams, complete clinics, and finalize other school-related requirements. While this hard work may be necessary, it can also be incredibly stressful. This is why you need to access and implement stress-busting strategies that work for you. Two techniques that you might find particularly useful include massages and meditation. Some people also find that specific forms of exercise help them combat health. Examples include yoga and jogging in nature.

3. Pamper Yourself.

Periodically pampering yourself is a wonderful way to maintain your health while you obtain your medical degree. One form of pampering you may find particularly advantageous is a monthly facial. Facials are absolutely amazing because, in addition to making skin look younger, they can help remove toxins from the body. When you start searching for an aesthetician, remember to select someone who has extensive experience caring for the skin. Check the individual’s online reviews and ensure that the majority of them are positive before you agree to do business!

Start Optimizing Your Health Right Now!

If you want to get healthy, the strategies listed here can help you. Implement them now to begin seeing the results that will help you lead a more productive, positive life while attaining your medical degree!

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The Help You Need to Defy Aging

You may not be able to turn time back, but you can slow aging down using a simple addition of r lipoic acid. Using this supplement combined with healthy diet, exercise and proper rest will virtually turn back the hands of time in how you feel. It provides support for the heart, lungs, liver and brain at a time when you are most vulnerable to age-related illness.

Complete Support for the Aging Brain

One of the benefits of r lipoic acid is it induces an increase in cysteine, which assists in the biosynthesis of glutathione in a healthy brain. The increase in healthy oxygenation of the cells naturally improves memory and overall brain function. You no longer have to agree with the old-school belief that memory loss is a natural part of aging. Keep your brain in better health and enjoy the top performance as you age.

Beneficial to the Heart and Lungs

It is a heavily polluted world today. Very little of the air you breathe is free of some form of pollutant. One of the positive aspects of r lipoic acid is helping the guard against the damage of pollution through natural antioxidant protection. The benefits to the heart are two-fold. One is by restoring a balanced amount of ceramide in the heart and cardiovascular system. It induces the production of an enzyme named ALDEHYDE DEHYDROGENASE 2. This is responsible for relaxing the heart and speeding up the biotransformation of things that could harm the heart and turns them into a substance that is completely harmless.

Better Care for the Liver and Healthy Carbohydrate Uptake

The antioxidant qualities of r lipoic acid will keep the liver functioning at optimal levels. It gets increasingly difficult for the body to break down and use carbohydrates as needed as you age. The brain will benefit the most from the addition of r lipoic acid as it encourages the uptake of carbohydrates in a natural way.

The Boost in Antioxidants an Aging Body Needs

Antioxidants are a proven defense against the damage of natural aging to the body and mind. The r lipoic acid benefits of massive antioxidant boosts will push back aging in ways you never thought possible. The results will be lasting and you will feel more energized by the day.

Contact an r lipoic acid expert like and begin the process of reversing the signs of aging today!

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