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Smurfy Medical Student

Since I bought my iPad, I had nothing to do each and every minute, but to check my smurf village. It’s one of the many gaming apps from Apple, Inc. that is somehow the same with Farmville in Facebook. One needs to make his village more bountiful, make friends with neighboring villagers and a lot … Continue reading


Ernhez Romero’s Brown Hair

Ernhez is one of my classmates in medical school. If you happen to follow me since then, you may observe that we’ve been buddies in anything we do which are medical school related. But sometimes even more, like hanging out and de-stressing. LOL! The picture above was taken last Dec. 2010 inside the airplane on … Continue reading


Chocolate Tablea

I and a classmate in medical school stopped by at the Tablea Chocolate Shop in Robinsons Cybergate Mall here in Cebu City last week. Aside from having the tempting Tablea Sylvanas, we also tried the Chocolate Tablea of the said chocolate shop which was really great. So yummy! Would you like to try some cup … Continue reading