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Lifelong Battery for Mini Electric Breast Pump from #GrouponGoods #spon #ad

This is a sponsored post and everything mentioned herein are all an honest opinion of the author. Being a first-time and breastfeeding mom as well as a doctor-on-call for a 30-hour duty or more, I need to make sure that the breastmilk I have for my little man is sufficient when I am out home. … Continue reading

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Ovulation Testing Kits can Improve Your Chances of Conceiving

Women use a variety of methods in order to determine ovulation. After all, when you’re able to know the days when you’re most fertile, you can significantly increase your chances to conceive. When you want to get pregnant, getting the timing right is important. The Importance of Knowing when Ovulation Occurs If you want to … Continue reading

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PARACETAMOL is not good for pregnant expecting baby boy

Paracetamol is almost always the ’emergency pill’ that everybody has to grab when not feeling well especially when suffering from headache. In fact, there is one television commercial in the Philippines promoting the use of Paracetamol with a certain brand clarifying in every age group including those pregnant ones. However, what many do not know … Continue reading

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