Three Steps to Making 2018 Your Healthiest Year Yet

It can be easy to let your health suffer, especially if you are busy and overwhelmed with work and other activities. However, the truth is that your health is your most important asset, and taking good care of yourself will pay off in the long run, both physically and financially. Make 2018 the year that you finally get healthy and stay that way. If you are unsure of how to start, don’t worry. There are simple steps that you can take to get healthy every day without stress. Here are three steps to help you get started being healthier and happier in the new year.

1. Look At Your Diet

The standard American diet is called SAD for a reason, which is that it is unhealthy and leads to bloat, heart disease, cancer, and a myriad of other ailments. Step away from your daily habits and look at what you’re really eating. Keep a food diary so that you can have an objective measurement of what you’re actually consuming. Then, talk to a doctor and get advice. If you don’t have a trusted doctor already, consider a virtual nutritionist like those at Lifestyles in Nutrition. This expert advice can help you to reinvent your daily eating habits, which will have the biggest effect on your overall health.

2. Find Movement that Works for You

Don’t look for a way to exercise that will make you frustrated and depressed. Too many people try to drag themselves to the gym to do a boring, painful workout, then they wonder what they did wrong when they don’t keep up the habit. Instead of torturing yourself with your exercise habits, find something that you can do every day that you love. Get a dog and take it for long walks, or find a local pool or beach and go swimming every morning before work. Take up golf, diving, or yoga. Anything will work as long as you are moving frequently throughout the day.

3. Reach Out to Friends and Family

Studies show that have a strong emotional support network can improve both the quantity and the quality of life. Don’t wait for others to reach out to you. Instead, take the time to contact friends and family and make the first move. Keep your relationships intact and look forward to many years of healthy joy.

How To Make 2018 Your Healthiest, Happiest Year Ever

If you know that you look and feel better than you do at this point and have vowed to make 2018 your healthiest, happiest year ever, you should begin thinking about which strategies you can implement to realize your objective. Here are three techniques that can help you accomplish your goal:

1. Create A Meal Plan.

If you’re serious about making the new year a profoundly healthy, happy one, make sure that you tap into the power of meal plan creation. Unfortunately, many people are trapped in the world of mindless eating and do not think critically about what type of nutrition they’re attaining from the things they put in their mouths. This is a big mistake if you’re trying to look and feel your best. In many if not most cases, mindless eaters are consuming a wide range of processed foods that lack the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients the body needs to function correctly. If you want to avoid this health-compromising habit, be sure to start writing out what you’re going to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on a weekly basis. Use digital resources like and to gain access to tons of delicious, nutritious recipes.

2. Start Working Out.

In addition to creating a meal plan, make sure that you get in the habit of working out regularly. Taking this step will empower you to regulate your mood, enhance your energy levels, and improve your appearance. These outcomes promote optimal levels of mental and physical health, so be sure to start looking for types of exercises that you can enjoy right away. Some options you may want to consider include:

• jumping rope
• high-intensity interval training (HIIT)
• swimming
• cycling
• running
• Zumba

If you feel that you don’t have the willpower to start and stick to a workout routine on your own, try finding a fitness community through which you can garner advice, encouragement, and accountability for exercising regularly. You can use a digital resource such as to determine whether there are any fitness-based communities in your local area. If not, try finding a local yoga studio or gym where you can work out in a group setting and thereby form relationships with other individuals who are committed to making fitness a central component of their lifestyle.

3. Obtain Great Medical Care.

While it’s ideal to be so healthy that you never need to go to the hospital, it’s equally important to know who to call in the event that you are hit with a mysterious disease or plaguing illness. As such, it’s a good idea to do research and find a local doctor who can offer you exemplary, expedient medical care that restores your health quickly or precludes you from getting sick in the first place. If you’re looking for a Queens medical imaging facility from which to attain diagnostic services, know that the professionals of Queens Dynamic Medical Imaging can assist you.


Three techniques you can use to promote health and happiness in 2018 are outlined above. Start using these techniques now so the new year will be your best ever!

3 Simple Weight Loss Tips

Maintaining a healthy weight is always a good idea. When you are within your recommended weight/height bracket, you are less likely to incur diseases and more likely to live longer. Many people, at some point, will fall out of their optimal weight bracket. The good news is that there are many ways to get back inside. Body cleanses are one option, and the best body cleanse for weight loss varies based on case and taste.

When you are ready to shed the additional pounds, here are three tips to consider.

What You Eat

There are many cliches floating around weight loss, and many of them are actually true. For example, there is some truth surrounding abs being made in the kitchen. No matter how much you exercise, if you continue to eat too many processed foods, you are less likely to see positive results. Processed foods contain sugar, preservatives and other non-natural additives that can cause you to gain more fat instead of helping you build muscle. Instead of getting leaner, you will become bulkier and heavier. So, yes, what you eat matters when you are trying to lose weight.

Stay Focused

Losing weight, because it does not happen overnight, requires discipline. Discipline requires focus. In order to stay focused, it helps to remember why you embarked on this weight loss road. Maybe you are aiming to improve your appearance. Maybe you know that you can stop consuming medications if you get back to your recommended weight. Whatever your ultimate goal is, remember it. In moments of weakness when you would like to eat a second helping of your grandmother’s chocolate mousse pie or would like nothing more than to skip your next five gym sessions, your focus will ease the pain of knowing what you should skip and what you should not.

Consult a Professional

There is more than one way to lose weight, but there is no one size fits all. Diets work wonders for some people while cleanses work magic on others. If you are not sure what weight loss method will be best for you, consulting a professional, like your doctor, is a thoughtful idea. Your doctor, based on your medical history, can make recommendations that are least likely to overwhelm you and your body.

By watching what you eat, staying focused and consulting a professional, weight loss is achievable.