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Eye Care

I just recently bought new pairs of contact lenses after a year that I changed from lenses to specs. Along with the new pairs of lenses were the free 60 mL lens lubricant and lens case. However, last Thursday, I forgot to bring with me the lens lubricant in school. And since we, I and … Continue reading


MIMS 127th Edition 2011

I just recently bought the latest 2011 edition of MIMS book. I guess, I don’t need to elaborate what this book is and how this could help each one of us as guide in medication. Not just for medical practitioners but even for those who are not medically-inclined by profession most specifically those stay at … Continue reading


Gumamela from Mactan Air Base, Lapu Lapu City for Pharmacology Research

Last semester,in our Pharmacology class, we were required to make an experimental thesis.  Though, making a thesis, humbly sharing to you, is quite easy already for me, and I guess for every graduates of UP. I was the group’s leader. We were four in our group and I was only the lass. Anyway, the research … Continue reading