Alcohol Intoxication

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One of the many causes of death in the road is almost always related to alcohol intoxication.

Alcohol intoxication is a state when a person has drunk more than 1 liter of alcohol, be it beer, or any alcoholic beverages, that causing him to be physically and emotionally unable to function properly. And driving a car itself needs a hundred per cent attention and keen mind to have a safe and secured control over the vehicle.

However, there are just some people who never thought of the danger coming along while drunk driving, not just for himself but to possibly other involved individuals.

In fact, I have personally experienced seeing patients brought to the emergency room being hit by cars and even motorcycles by drunk drivers. They are supposed to be just passers by, but unfortunately, they have been involved in such accident. Some of them able to survive, but others ended their demise.

It is indeed a lifesaving when everybody is properly informed and knowledgeable before starting and getting hold with the steering wheels. is a helpful website for useful guides and tips for safe driving, including information on drunk driving and other safety measures on the road. They even conduct seat safety checks if you need one.

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