Tobacco Smoking Health Effects

The Philippines will now be implementing the nationwide smoking ban. This is another achievement for every Filipino to get closer to a healthier life, not just to first-hand smokers, but to everyone.

Here below are some infographics on the risks of smoking and how it affects the body.

Smoking Can Damage Every Part of the Body.

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Fact: At least 28 cancer-causing chemicals have been found in smokeless tobacco.
Smokeless Tobacco
It is the right and perfect time now to quit smoking before any damages to your health happens.

How to Care for a Concussion

A concussion is a type of brain injury that often occurs after some type of hard hit. You might develop a concussion in a car accident because your head strikes the steering wheel or after falling and banging your head on the sidewalk. Concussions are a common type of sports injury that offers when players hit each other on the field or court. If you suspect that you have a concussion, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

See the Doctor

It’s important that you see a doctor at the first sign of any symptoms of a concussion.

Those symptoms can include trouble concentrating and doing simple activities, a general unwell feeling and constant or frequent headaches. The doctor may recommend that you go through advanced medical imaging in Toms River, NJ or another local town. Technicians working there can determine if you have a concussion and the severity of your condition based on your MRI and any other scans you need. If you have a more serious concussion, the doctor will likely recommend that you spend at least one day in the hospital to let professionals observe you.

Change Your Activities

Though you might think that you can go right back to work or school after a few days, it often takes longer for those suffering from a concussion to feel confident going back to their normal activities. You will typically need to take at least 24 hours off, but you may need to give your body and brain even more time to recover. The doctor may recommend that you take up to a full week off and then slowly reintroduce some of your favorite activities back into your schedule. You may find that you need to make a few changes to your routine until you recover.


The best way to care for yourself after a concussion is with rest. Spend as much time as you need at home and doing simple activities like watching television or spending time with loved ones. Once you feel more comfortable, you can begin trying out some of your favorite activities. You may find that you cannot exercise or play as long as you did before, but you can do those activities for a few minutes and gradually increase the time you spend doing those things. While seeing a doctor is important after suffering from a concussion, you’ll also need to take care of yourself at home.

Why Haven’t I Experienced A Health Breakthrough?

Oftentimes, people recognize that they’re leading unhealthy lives and they decide to implement lifestyle changes that will promote wellness. However, many of these individuals grow frustrated when they see that their efforts don’t seem to be yielding substantive results. If this is your problem, don’t despair. Instead, consider whether you’re committing any of the following mistakes:

1. You’re Consuming The Conventional American Diet.

If you consume the conventional American diet, rest assured that this is part of the reason you’re not experiencing a health breakthrough. As many medical experts and dietitians now know, most Americans are on a diet that includes too many animal products and not enough fiber. It is also now known that the majority of Americans do not attain the recommended amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables. One shocking study revealed that some Americans don’t even eat one piece of fruit each day.

If your meal patterns parallel the traditional mode of eating in America, it’s time to make big changes now. Failing to do so will result in a wide range of issues, and one that many people find particularly pesky is lethargy. Luckily, you can get on the road to optimal food consumption right now by simply replacing a fat or sugar-laden breakfast with a delicious smoothie comprised of nutrient-dense fruits like strawberries, mangoes, and pineapples.

2. You Exercise Sporadically.

Just as the majority of Americans don’t consume an optimal diet, their exercise patterns are lackluster. In fact, less than 30% of Americans attain the recommended amount of physical activity.

Make sure that you’re not a part of this statistic. Exercise provides the mind and body with a wide range of life-giving benefits that will take your level of vitality from unremarkable to incredible. For example, individuals who make a point to exercise at least three to four times each week will often experience a better memory and more energy throughout the day. In some cases, people who have committed to exercise find that they are no longer reliant on coffee for energy.

3. You’re Overweight.

Obesity is now an epidemic in America, with roughly 1/3 of individuals falling into this category. It’s also disheartening to recognize that another 1/3 of Americans are overweight. If you are carrying excess pounds on your body, note that you are increasing your susceptibility to a wide range of life-hampering diseases. Two of the most dangerous ones include heart disease and cancer. If you know that you are overweight yet find that your weight loss efforts have proven unfruitful, it’s time to consider the value of attaining professional help. If you’re searching for a medical weight loss Jacksonville FL facility, note that the representatives of VitalityMD can assist you.

Start Experiencing Health Breakthroughs Now!

It’s very frustrating to make lifestyle changes with the hopes of feeling and looking better only to find that your efforts aren’t yielding results. In some cases, people are committing mistakes based on misinformation, with this factor precluding them from attaining the level of vitality they desire. To ensure that you’re not committing health mistakes that detract from your quality of life, refer to the data found in this article!