Top 6 Common Sport Injuries: Prevention and Treatment

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People are always encouraged to play the sport of their choice, especially when they are younger. It is not only a great way to get physical exercise, but sports also help develop teamwork and other skills that prove useful later in life. One of the downsides to playing sports though, whether competitively or recreationally, is the likelihood of picking up an injury. We have compiled a list of the six most common sports injuries, and how best to get treatment for each of them.

  1. Ankle Sprain

Widely recognized as the most common type of sports injury, ankle injuries are common in any sports where running and sharp terms are involved. While the risks of an ankle injury increase when playing contact sports, something as simple as rolling your ankle while you change direction can cause ligament and/or bone damage. While treatment is best done through a Physical therapist, in Miami or in your area, who can help patients properly diagnose, treat and rehab through the injury, completing ankle exercises and icing it after rigorous exercise can help prevent future damage.

  1. Shoulder Injury

Roughly 20 percent of the injuries an athlete will incur involve the shoulder. Whether it is a sprain, dislocation or strain, it can be an uncomfortable injury to experience. Shoulder injuries are common if you play volleyball, baseball or lift weights. Focusing on shoulder strength training can help prevent this injury, while icing the affected area and seeking guidance from a physical therapist is the best course of treatment.

  1. Tennis Elbow

Injuries involving the elbow are very common when playing sports, especially those where you are using the upper arm regularly. Even though it is named after tennis, this injury can occur while you play volleyball, baseball or golf too. If you experience the injury for the first time, see a physical therapist. But if it is recurring, you may want to think about a prolonged rest and a future lightening of your athletic schedule.

  1. Shin Splints

When you feel pain on the inner part of your shinbone, you are experiencing shin splints. The top reason for this injury is when you work out extensively after a long period of not doing any physical activity. The best way to avoid shin splints is to extensively warm up before you begin any rigorous exercise or sport, while heating the affected area beforehand can also help.

  1. Concussion

In sports where physical contact is part of the game, a concussion is always a possibility. While the risk is greatest with sports like American football or boxing, it is also a risk when playing soccer or any sport where your head encounters another person or object. It is vitally important to take concussion symptoms seriously, because multiple incidents can leave you with permanent brain damage.

  1. Achilles Tendinitis

If the tendon behind your ankle begins to hurt, you may want to take a break from athletic activity. Achilles tendinitis is one of the most challenging injuries to treat, but strengthening your calf muscles and performing a rigorous rehab program can help avoid future incidents.

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