Treatment for Periodontal Diseases

Periodontal disease can damage areas inside the mouth that, if left untreated, will become difficult to repair. Over time, the jaw bone and soft tissue areas break down to the point of not supporting the natural teeth. A surgical procedure that tries to reverse this damage is known as bone regeneration, which is performed by periodontists. Typically, the goal is to prep the areas where a tooth replacement procedure like dental implants will be performed.

How This Procedure Works

Generally, this is a fairly straightforward procedure that begins with scaling and planing the teeth to remove debris, bacteria and plaque that can lead to an infection. Next, the periodontist inserts a membrane between the gum and bone. This keeps each one separate so the gum does not interfere with the bone. This also encourages faster regrowth of the bone.

Giving the bone space to grow back naturally is often preferred to bone grafts. The patient’s specific situation will determine this decision. However, the periodontist would have to use substitute bone for the bone graft and not allow the body to naturally heal.

Techniques to regenerate the bone may also be combined with grafting to provide stronger support for tooth replacements.

Benefits of Receiving This Procedure

You can expect many health and cosmetic benefits to having this procedure:

  • Prevention of future bone and tooth loss
  • Restoration to the shape of your mouth and face
  • Protection for gums while supporting temporary tooth replacements
  • Easier speaking and eating
  • Prevention of wrinkling and sagging of your mouth and face

Most patients who opt for this procedure are preparing to undergo permanent tooth replacement procedures. Before lost or broken teeth can be replaced, it is important to ensure the jawbone is strong enough to support replacements such as dentures, bridges and dental implants.

Deciding if This Procedure is for You

If you have bone loss from missing or lost teeth, you might be the ideal candidate for this type of dental procedure. The choice is ultimately decided after consultation with a periodontist who is qualified to access your situation. Look for someone who specializes in periodontal procedures.

For an opportunity to enhance your smile and replace any teeth lost from periodontal disease, this might be the best option available. Years of research has equipped periodontal professionals with cutting edge treatments and services.

Therefore, your chances of not only getting a better smile, but also having a healthy mouth will deliver many physical and mental benefits.

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