How to Love Yourself Before You Delve into a Relationship

You’ve probably heard it before, but it’s a fact. You have to love yourself in a healthy, positive way if you want a relationship where someone else loves you. Unfortunately, if you live with dysfunction of any kind, it can be a challenge to love yourself. Take a moment to read through the following article for tips on how to build your confidence and love for yourself.


Look in the mirror and instead of picking apart what you see, notice the great things about your face and body. Is your hair the perfect texture? Are your eyes a gorgeous color? Now smile, and love it. You are the only you to ever live, so you might as well love everything about yourself. And that often begins with the physical elements before you delve into the emotional and psychological elements.

Write Down Your Positives

Do you have a great laugh, an awesome smile, or strong hands? Are you a fantastic dancer, an award-winning writer, or a skilled electrician? Write it all down and then some. Jot down all of the positive things that there are to love about yourself. It doesn’t matter how small or weird it might sound. If you have clean fingernails and a great lifeline, write it down. Whatever it is, write it all down. Then review your positives when you feel negatively about yourself. Start to love all of the great things about you.

Spin Your Negatives

Coping with ED in Jacksonville FL, or wherever you are, can be damaging to your ego and your psyche. So, spin your negatives. This means injecting a bit of positive into your negative feelings. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself over one dysfunction or another, focus on the goodness of your life, the awesomeness of your humor, and all the great things you have to offer someone.

Take a Humor-Filled Detour Through Self-Help Sections

Some self-help books and resources, like this one, are awesome and full of insightful information that, deep down, you already knew. You just needed some reiteration. However, other self-help sections are hilarious and downright odd. Give yourself a chuckle by perusing those humor-filled books, but take away some of the more serious, helpful messages.

In order to capture love that you want to experience, you need to love others and yourself in the same way. Remember to reflect on the good person you are, psychically and mentally, write down your positives, spin your negatives, and feel free to laugh joyously and out loud.

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