Fearing Cancer

Whether you have a history of cancer in your family or you have been given the news that there are cancer cells already present in the body, the thought of the disease can be frightening. There are a few ways of overcoming fear of cancer so that it’s a little easier to deal with in yourself or if there is a family member who has the disease.

You need to understand some of the facts associated with cancer before you develop a fear. Once you know about the disease and the treatments that are available, it can help with staying calm while dealing with cancer in areas of your body or if you have to see someone you love going through the illness. Make sure you live a healthy lifestyle as there are things that can trigger cancer cells to develop. Avoid smoking and drinking as these affect the lungs, mouth and liver. There are some vaccines that you can get to help prevent diseases that lead to cancer, such as the HPV vaccine. HPV can lead to cervical cancer and other types of cancer in the reproductive organs in both men and women.

Do You Fear Cancer

The fear of cancer is often harder on the body than the actual disease. If you are stressed about the disease and the treatment, then it can affect the immune system and your sleep schedule. If the body isn’t as healthy as possible, it can have an effect on the treatments that are given to fight the cancer. If there is more pain and suffering associated with cancer and the treatments involved, then the fear of the disease is increased. Do research about the treatments and how they will affect the body, such as chemotherapy and radiation. Talk to the doctor about the prognosis of the disease. This is often the scariest part of battling cancer as you don’t know if all of the cells will be destroyed with treatments or if there is a chance at the cancer coming back after being in remission. Some people believe that cancer is a punishment, but it shouldn’t be looked at in that manner as anyone can develop the disease at any time if the cancer cells are triggered.

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