Radiation Effects to the Body

Many people today are switching from wired headsets to Bluetooth headphones. A Bluetooth headset has a high bandwidth and uses wireless technology to transmit voice and sound signals over short distances. The fact that Bluetooth headsets emit radiation is a growing concern for many users. However, you can use a body voltage meter to detect the amount of radiation emitted by your devices.

Cellphone Radiation EffectsStudies show that the headsets emit lower levels of radiation than that of cellphones. The amount of radiation emitted by Bluetooth headsets is about 70 percent less than that emitted by cellphones. However, the absorption of more than 1.6 watts per kilogram of radiation from electromagnetic devices is considered dangerous. While Bluetooth headsets emit about 0.001 watts per kilogram, cell phones emit 0.25 watts per kilogram.

Research indicates that most of the radiation from electromagnetic devices including cellphones is absorbed through the cheek area and not the brain. Since many people who use Bluetooth headphones keep their cellphones in their pockets or bags, they reduce the effect of the radiation.

Infrared light is not always harmful because it produces enough energy to keep molecules moving and not to disintegrate. The only effect of absorbing IR waves is that the individual feels warmer. However, infrared has been proven dangerous in certain rare cases.

Electromagnetic Radiation
This form of energy moves through space and has different frequencies. The low frequencies include radio waves while the high ones include x-rays. Brief exposure to higher frequencies such as x-rays is dangerous because they have more energy than radio waves. There are also wavelengths that are detected by our eyes with a color spectrum that varies in color from violet to red.

Infrared Radiation
This form of radiation is not within the visible part of the light spectrum. Despite the fact that the radiation is invisible, the energy levels of infrared radiation correspond to the power level required to start the movement of molecules. Therefore IR light has less energy compared to visible light. Simply put it does not have enough power to affect bodily functions, organs, or tissues.

Safety Hazards of Infrared
Because infrared radiation only gets molecules moving, additional levels of radiation can cause significant burns to exposed parts of the body. In most cases, the burn occurs with prolonged exposure. The burn can be similar to that experienced when you come in contact with a hot pan.

Laser Hazards
IR radiation can be instantly dangerous if its source is a laser pointer. IR light from a laser pointer is invisible. This makes it more dangerous to the eyes because it does not initiate the blinking reflex making exposure quite harmful.


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