Ovulation Testing Kits can Improve Your Chances of Conceiving

Women use a variety of methods in order to determine ovulation. After all, when you’re able to know the days when you’re most fertile, you can significantly increase your chances to conceive. When you want to get pregnant, getting the timing right is important.

The Importance of Knowing when Ovulation Occurs

If you want to get pregnant, knowing when your most fertile window occurs is certainly important. Of course, this window of fertility is different for every woman and it can vary from one menstrual cycle to the next. Many people don’t realize that women can only get pregnant during a very limited period during their cycle. In fact, this window is generally believed to be the 5 days leading up to ovulation as well as the day of ovulation itself.

Other important factors that must be taken into consideration include the lifespan of sperm as well as the lifespan of the ovum. The ovum has a lifespan of just 24 hours while sperm has a lifespan of 5 days. The timing of intercourse in relation to ovulation is extremely important if you want to become pregnant, or, if you want to avoid pregnancy.

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Timing Intercourse to Increase Your Chances of Conceiving

Since sperm only live 5 days, intercourse that is 6 days or more before ovulation will not result in a pregnancy. Likewise, since the ovum has a lifespan of just 24 hours, intercourse that takes place more than 24 hours after ovulation will result in zero chances of conception. Of course, it’s also important to keep in mind that the likelihood of conceiving increases during the two days before ovulation as well as on the day of ovulation. These days will provide the highest likelihood of conceiving.

How can a woman know if the timing is right?

The best way to get the timing right is to know exactly when you’re going to ovulate. There have been many methods used over the years, including the use of basal body temperature (taking your temperature every morning before getting out of bed). Fortunately, there is an even more convenient and effective method of determining ovulation. Ovulation test kits, such as the Knowhen ovulation test can help you get the timing right. You can get more information here regarding how these test kits can provide a more accurate way to time intercourse for increasing your chances of conceiving.

Getting pregnant isn’t always as easy as some people think. Many couples struggle to conceive, but with an easy to use method of identifying ovulation, it’s possible to optimize your chances of conception and pregnancy.

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