Home Health Care Services

There are numerous benefits related to home health care services.Home Health Care Services The most obvious advantage offered by companies such as At Home Care Staffing is the delivery of care services in the familiar and comfortable home environment individuals are accustomed to. Aging and home bound individuals maintain a sense of security and dignity by staying in their own homes.

Medical necessity guidelines by insurance companies and government agencies such as Medicare and Medicaid are shortening length of stays in hospitals and other medical facilities. The transition period following acute medical care to home is a high-risk time for readmission to the hospital. Professional and dependable home health care is an excellent choice for extra support for patient recovering from illness, injury or surgical procedures.

There are numerous infections which can be acquired from medical facilities. Healthcare professionals use various types of invasive equipment to treat patients. These devices too frequently carry bacteria, viruses or other germs. Bloodstream, urinary tract, clostridium difficile are commonly acquired infections. Home care reduces exposure to this danger.

Home care agencies offer assistance with medication reminders for seniors. “The Journal of the American Medical Association” reports that close to 20 percent of elders living within the community 65 years or older take 10 or more medications. Medication routines are often complex and individuals with cognitive impairments such as dementia are at a high-risk for complications. Patients with a chronic condition such as cardiovascular disease who do not take medications as directed to control their blood pressure may eventually experience a stroke or kidney failure according to the American Heart Association.

Respite home care services provide primary caregivers with a break from the heavy demands of caring for their loved ones. This is a short-term hiatus from the daily routine, challenges and stress of caring for an aging adult. Many home care agencies offer this option as part of their services.

Home care services provide loved ones separated by distance with security and peace of mind that the senior they care about is being provided with personalized attention. This is a welcome relief under these circumstances. Home care services can also be used as a supplemental service to assist family and friends with the many demands associated with caring for the aging and home bound. Click here to read more about specific services offered by a reputable local home health agency.

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