Using Technology to Prepare for a New Doctor’s Appointment

In the past, patients used to contact their local doctor and make an appointment over the telephone. Every other communication between the patient and doctor occurred at the appointment time itself. With the advent of technology, however, there’s more communication than ever with a healthcare provider. Patients can prepare for their appointment before it arrives so that the process is as streamlined as possible. Take a close look at how technology helps new patients as they search for quality Healthcare in Bend Oregon.

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Doctors and Insurance Acceptance

Before new patients even select a doctor, they need to know if the professional takes their specific insurance. Although you can contact your insurance company for a list, you’ll often receive a huge booklet in response. Research your chosen doctors, and check their particular websites for their acceptable insurance types. Most doctors will take most of the common insurances available in the marketplace. When you match your insurance with the doctor’s type, you know that every billed item will give you the best coverage based on your policy’s details.

Make an Online Appointment

Pinpointing the right doctor takes some effort, but the appointment process is much easier with online scheduling. Take a look at your doctor’s website. Most sites have an online appointment section. Fill in the required information, and submit the form. You should be able to select from several appointment times listed on the website. If a date and time isn’t available, it’s probably taken already. You’ll normally receive an email confirmation of the appointment afterward. If any issues arise as the appointment date approaches, the doctor’s office will contact you directly.

Fill Out the Paperwork Now

Traditionally, you’re supposed to arrive 15 to 20 minutes early to your first appointment in order to fill out the new-patient paperwork. However, the doctor’s website usually gives you a chance to fill out the paperwork at home. Simply download the documents on the website. You may need to print, sign and bring the paperwork to the appointment. Alternatively, you might sign the paperwork digitally and submit it online. Regardless of the submission type, filling out the paperwork prior to the appointment saves you and the office staff considerable time. You can arrive at the appointment as if you’re an established patient without any extra waiting time.

Sign Up For Patient Access

Go a step further with your healthcare, and sign up for patient access through the doctor’s website. By setting up a secure user account, you can immediately access all of your medical history. Send a secure message to the doctor, or refill a prescription too. There’s no need to call an administrator and wait on hold for them to research any questions that you might have. When you can access your medical chart at any time, you can be more involved in your healthcare. If you can’t sign up for the access as you fill in the new-patient forms, ask your doctor about the process during the appointment. The online platform saves the doctor’s time too.

If patients don’t feel comfortable with the online platform, doctors’ offices still encourage phone calls to their administrators. Using the Internet for new patients is always an option and not a rule. In the end, each patient should feel comfortable with their doctor and the communication pathways within the facility.

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