World’s first dengue vaccine now available in Philippines

Dengue fever has been one of the many illnesses that every Filipino freaked of having after a bite of a mosquito-carrying dengue virus. But this fear will probably end because of the availability now of the world’s first dengue vaccine in the country.

World’s first dengue vaccine now available in PhilippinesImage from

Yes, you heard that right. The world’s first dengue vaccine is now available in the Philippines, in our country. This dengue vaccine was successfully developed after more than 20 years of studies and keen clinical trials wherein there were 40,000 respondents involved in 15 different countries, including the Philippines. What has been done was that those who participated in the trials were monitored for 25 months and have not manifested any dangerous side effect, except for the minimal effect common to other vaccines.

This vaccine is now available in many private practitioners as they still need to assess every patient before giving the vaccine. This is not free but at least its cost is reasonable enough if to consider the costs, physical and emotional trauma when hospitalized due to dengue fever.

Please have yourselves guys this dengue vaccine before everything is too late.

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