Things To Remember Before Detoxing From Drugs

Entering a detox for drug addiction is never an easy decision and the road is full of obstacles. But it’s one of the most important steps that a person can take. The news is full of stories that detail the tragedies related to drug abuse. Scott Weiland, lead singer of legendary band Stone Temple Pilots, died of an overdose in 2015. The news are full of politicians who seek “emergency” funds in the war against drugs. For example, Senator Chuck Chuck Schumer recently requested $600 million dollars to escalate legal measures designed to fight rampant opiate abuse among the citizens of North Carolina. The unfortunate fact is that money alone doesn’t fix this problem and while drug use can certainly be linked to criminal behavior, the addicts themselves are suffering from a disease they understand as little as anyone else around them. It’s inexplicable and it’s devastating. When the time comes to get help, they wonder like everyone else what left there is to do in order to quit.

Making the first step

The first step in getting well is to determine if there’s a safe way to detox. Detoxing cold turkey from any drug can lead to devastating health effects and even death, no matter how badly a drug addict wants to quit. The body experiences a violent reaction when it’s addicted to drugs and is suddenly deprived of those drugs. The person can’t fight this alone. Heroin is among the most dangerous drugs to quit. A heroin detox center is the answer.

Safe, medical detox

Medical detox is especially important for anyone with a heroin addiction. Things To Remember Before Detoxing From DrugsHeroin detoxification can be a grueling battle. Sufferers typically experience many physical symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, headache, panic, and even hallucinations. Without the careful guidance of medical personnel it can be impossible for a heroin addict to endure. Blood pressure and heart rate needs to be monitored and medical symptoms properly dealt with for the person to stand a fighting chance against heroin. Thankfully, there are many treatment centers for people who are ready to take the step of quitting what is a deadly substance.

Two parts of recovery

Recovery is a two part process. The first and most challenging part for some is the physical withdrawal that can addict experiences when their body is free of the addictive agent. This physical withdrawal is the first part of a long recovery which usually includes abstaining from the drug one single day at a time. Addicts aren’t generally receptive to the second part of treatment approaches until they are comfortable enough to process information in a calm, normal way again. Addicts aren’t physically addicted because of psychological problems early in the beginning. They’re addicted because their use of the drug caused a physical dependence on the drug. Once this part is taken care of and the addict is comfortable, they can learn more about treatment approaches.

The second part of recovery is the treatment that will lead to long-term sustained sobriety. So many addicts lose much of themselves during addiction. They forget how to function like a normal human being because their life has become devoted to simply finding a drug in order to survive. Many addicts stop bathing regularly, don’t eat often, and have difficulty carrying on even the simplest of conversations in a normal setting. This isn’t to say that these addicts don’t have the capacity to make a complete turnaround in recovery, though. In the second treatment approach, they learn how to function as a “normal” human being again. If there are any co-existing mental disorders with the treatment, they will receive treatment for the underlying mental illnesses as well. It’s not uncommon for addicts to self-medicate mental illnesses with addictive substances which makes these substances as much a symptom of a greater problem than anything else. Medical detox followed by a long-term residential treatment program is a powerful prescription against heroin addiction.

There’s hope

No matter how far down the road of addiction you’ve traveled or how many obstacles are in front of you, there’s always hope. Loved ones you know who might suffer deserve to hear this message of hope in the fight against heroin. What begins as recreational use quickly becomes a nightmare that seems like it will never end. The good news is that with several treatment approaches at your fingertips, there’s a way out. You can learn more about heroin detoxification here.

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