Throwing Out Medications

When you look in the bathroom cabinet, you might see a host of medicine bottles that might be outdated. These are often medications that you have taken for an illness, or they might be pain medicines that you no longer need. There is a proper way to handle prescription drug disposal so that others in the home don’t get the items in the bottles.

Prescription Drug Disposal

There are some doctor’s offices and hospitals that will say to flush medications in the toilet. While this might sound like a good idea as you can see that the products go down the drain, it should be held as a last option. Some medications, such as antibiotics and hormone treatments, can often contaminate the water in the ground. Surprisingly, the safest way is to hide the medicines in a bag before throwing them away with the trash. Most medications have information on the bottle about the proper way to dispose of them. You can also take them to a hospital or medical office so that they can throw them away for you.

Some medications that aren’t as harmful can be mixed with cat litter. This will make it harder for children to find them. Large or brightly colored pills should be crushed before hiding in the cat litter. You can put the medications in a bag, sealing the bag with tape so that it’s hard to get inside. Toss in the trash can with a large amount of paper and other garbage so that no one sees the bag inside. You want to remove any labels from medications so that others won’t know what is inside. There are some people who will dig through trash in order to find medications to sell. If you want to take it a step farther, then remove the medication from inside as well. This will make it look like a simple plastic bottle has been thrown away. Removing the labels also protects your identity as prescriptions will often have your address and phone number on them. Search online for a list of dangerous medications by the FDA that should be disposed of in a professional manner. These are medications that if someone were to ingest, they could cause serious health issues.

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