PhilHealth advises public to increase monthly contribution in 2016

Being in the medical field, seeing firsthand how patients and their relatives suffer not just in any health diseases, but also in pocket diseases as they grief more on the hospital bills. Sometimes, relatives of patients just wanted to even just stay for a night in the hospital even if they are required to be hospitalized for a certain time because they are getting more worried on how they’ll get to pay the bills. But thanks to Philippine Health Insurance Corp. or the more known PhilHealth as it helps every patients’ burden when it comes to bills and other payments.

PhilHealth advises public to increase monthly contribution in 2016

The Philippine Health Insurance Corp. or PhilHealth has reportedly shelled out billions this year to cover indigents and senior citizens. These indigent individuals and senior citizen pay less to none every month but they are still covered by the PhilHealth benefits whenever hospitalized.

This coming 2016, the PhilHealth wanted to advise the public that they are going to possibly increase each member’s contributions to continue the expansion and coverage for senior citizen and indigent members.

There are in fact more than 15.3 million indigent members from a total of 45.4 million beneficiaries and 4.8 million senior citizens registered out of 5.9 million beneficiaries. This data is as of June 2015.

With this increase in contributions, PhilHealth hopes to provide, improve and continue their services not just for every registered members but to every Filipinos especially those indigent individuals and senior citizens.

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