Surgery Rotation

I could say that from all of my hospital rotations, Surgery service or department is one that I found difficult to handle next to Obstetrics and Gynecology. This is because these two services both have operating room or surgical procedures which I don’t find interesting although cases per se are mind-exciting to think of, but the tasks and skills are the one I could find a no good fit to me.

However, there are still part of my Surgery rotation which I sometimes think I want to be part of the department but only in that specific section only. It is in the emergency section of the department.

Surgery Department

There are actually just few reasons why I love to be part of the emergency duty team of the surgery department when I rotated with them. I always enjoy every thrill and exciting cases of every patients coming in and being referred to the department. I even found the most common case in the ER a challenging one to handle. Basically, everything in the ER-surgery department are all interesting cases for me.

One case which I couldn’t forget was a head trauma patient who happened to be a case of concussion. If I remembered it right, she was just a senior high school student that time and was attending her school activity when there was an accident happen and she got involved. She was then immediately sent to the ER of the hospital. That time I was advised by my resident surgeon that every doctor must learn the signs of concussion which include a loss of consciousness of patient right after the accident, being confused or forgetful, changes in behavior is also observable in this patient. Most often times, the patient might complain of headache or dull or presence of pressure in the head. Other patients might vomit or just feel nauseated, experienced problems in gate or balance and being groggy.

Going back to that patient, we – the surgical team who handled the case, didn’t know that she was a daughter of one of the hospital’s big bosses. We were just actually shocked when a personal injury law firm staff has had been questioning us about the situation of the patient. But at least, we were able to handle that said case well.

Well, that is just one of the many must-share stories of experiences I always cherish being a medical doctor offering service in the surgery department.

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