Caring For Those With Alzheimer’s

If you have elderly family members who are experiencing stages of Alzheimer’s, then you might want to consider some type of assisted living facility or another type of care. There are a few things that you can expect from an Alzheimers assisted living facility that are a little more individualized than the typical care that one would received while in a similar facility.

Most facilities have a separate Alzheimer’s unit. There are some facilities that have a separate building for those with Alzheimer’s so that the care is personalized and detailed compared to the other residents who might not need as much in depth care. One of the things that you will see is increased security in the facility. This is for the safety of the residents in case someone were to try to leave the building unattended or without alerting a staff member. Those who do wander will often be redirected to their room or a common area.

Staff members are trained to handle situations that might arise with those who have Alzheimer’s. This could range from helping a resident get dressed to making sure the resident doesn’t cause any kind of personal injury while bathing, styling the hair or any other kind of care that the resident does on his own. While the residents are at the facility, the staff will work with them to keep as much of the brain as active as possible. Residents have an opportunity to participate in crafts, exercises and other activities where they can socialize with other people their age. There is usually a room where residents can read, put puzzles together or watch television.

The rooms in an Alzheimer’s care unit are often the same as other assisted living rooms. Some of the furniture is more accessible to make the environment safer. An example would be a walk-in shower or a tub with a seat. Rails are often placed in the rooms, and there are sometimes larger handles on the drawers and doors to assist those who aren’t able to detect how to open and close these items on a regular basis.

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