Mobility Aids Are “Life Savers”

In the past, walkers for elderly citizens were a standard somewhat flimsy four-legged metal walker with no additions. However, today’s walkers are much more advanced and offer many helpful amenities. Rather than take a chance of falling or not being able to navigate, the thought of giving up one’s independence by the use of a walker should be soundly dispensed with when someone who needs the help realizes that using such a mobility aid can actually give more independence. It promotes the ability to get around on one’s own safely and has the ability to give security and stability and prevent falls. A fall resulting in broken bones can often result in shortening a person’s life.

What is a walker?

A walker is a lightweight frame with a handle and legs. It can bear significant weight and is compact enough to use in a home’s narrow spaces such as a small bathroom or a walk-in closet. Some walkers have two wheels and are basically for those who don’t need too much support. Walkers are available in folding and non-folding versions, and most can be adjusted to suit users of different heights.

What is a Rollator?

Rollators come in three-wheel and four-wheel styles, can support at least 250 pounds of weight, and the handlebars have hand-operated brakes.. There are different wheel sizes. A three-wheeled design is narrower and can be easier to maneuver in tight spaces. Larger wheels are more durable and are stable on rough surfaces such as found outdoors. A four-wheeled model adds stability and a built-in seat for the user to be able to rest at any time. You can also find heavy-duty four-wheeled Rollators made especially for overweight users.

A number of convenient optional accessories can be very useful including oxygen tank holders, IV poles, bags and baskets for carrying personal items, cup holders, and others.

A Rollator is best for people who are able to walk, but need help with stability and balance and perhaps fatigue easily.

HME Medical Shop is an example of a distributor that offers many types of walkers for seniors and the disabled.

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