How to Become a Medical Examiner for the Department of Transportation

The Department of Transportation, better known by the acronym DOT, is an organization found in every state in the country. DOT handles construction projects, ensures the safety of highways and public roads and performs hundreds of other tasks every year. The DOT also have a number of medical examiners working for it who ensure the safety of drivers on the road. Becoming a DOT medical examiner requires the completion of several steps.

Training for the Job

Before you can apply for an examiner job with DOT, you need to go through the right type of training for the job. Dot online training lets you complete your training at home. Many students go through their training while working full-time in another job or while attending school. These classes are also suitable for those raising kids at home who want to go back to work once their kids go to school. Training sessions start regularly, and you can finish your classes within a few weeks or months. Some websites even accept mobile users, which gives you the option of taking classes with your tablet or smartphone.

Applying for Jobs

The best way to find medical examiner jobs is with the DOT website for your state. Medical examiners are responsible for ensuring that truck drivers and other professional drivers on the road meet the bare requirements for driving and that those drivers can keep others safe. You typically need to write a resume and a cover letter for the position and go through an interview. Some DOT websites allow you to create an account and submit your information online when applying for jobs. Make sure that your resume shows the certificate you received in your online training program and shows other skills relating to the job.

Many people worry about going back to school or getting more education because they think that they can’t balance work and home. With online training courses and programs, you can complete the main requirement for a medical examiner position while on breaks at work or while at home.

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