Tips for Clear Skin

For the past three months, I personally was suffering from non-stop pimples. They do not grow on my face in clumps or in number, but one by one —- one next to the other. For instance, as one pimple gets somehow ripened and about to bid off, another one, maybe a centimeter away, is starting to grow and bud out. This made me really sick of thinking how to minimize the growth of these pimples.

Pinoy MD Tips for Clear Skin

I had been consulting a lot of my friend doctors but none with dermatologists yet. But most of their advises were like to minimize stresses. But hey, my lifestyle has been like this and there were no room for added stressors anymore. What I mean is, ever since I entered the medical field, I have had no pimples even though I got less hours of sleep compared to undergraduate years, a more unhealthy foods and a literally stressful life compared before. But it’s just the very past 3 three months that these pimples are being like zombies attacking me.

What clever idea I did was that I stayed on health and beauty products department in the mall and asked some tips for clear skin and acne or pimple prevention ideas to the sales attendants. It was a real beauty gamble for me since it was my first time to experience it. Before, I don’t really believe on those stuff because I am not used to put something on my face not unless it’s a special event that a make-up is needed to wear on. But on daily basis, I wear nothing on my face nor even any powder. So a simple facial wash regime with the use of facial soaps caters my daily beauty needs.

I am not sure if these products I got in the said beauty department will do good to me. But I will just try.

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