Life or Death: Importance of CPR Training

With cardiac arrest being one of the biggest causes of death, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, better known as CPR, is more important than ever. If a person suffers cardiac arrest outside the care of a hospital or medical facility, their chances of survival are low, but if there is a bystander nearby who knows and performs CPR right away, their survival chances are greatly increased. If you believe that continuing your education in any form is important, you should consider taking a course. There are lots of courses open to the public. Just do a google search for “Los Angeles CPR classes”, replacing Los Angeles with you location, of course.

You Can Save a Life
Simply stated, CPR will save lives. Cardiac arrest can happen at any time when a person’s heart is not able to pump blood into the body in an effective manner. When this happens the person can collapse, lose consciousness, and if severe, they’ll stop breathing. If you’re trained in CPR and intervene quickly you can help the blood circulate in the person until medical professionals arrive on the scene. When CPR is administered properly and in a timely manner the person’s survival rate can at least double.

Mouth-to-Mouth Isn’t Necessary
A lot of people choose not to learn CPR because they believe that mouth-to-mouth is required and they’re uncomfortable with the notion. This isn’t the case. In 2010, the guidelines for CPR were altered so that those looking to learn hands-only CPR could get the proper training. Hands-only CPR is made up of chest compressions without breathing assistance. It is considered to be just as effective as mouth-to-mouth resuscitation for those suffering sudden cardiac arrest. This hands-only training is available at Los Angeles CPR classes as well as other classes across the nation.

CPR is Under Practiced
The sad truth is that CPR is not performed enough when people suffer cardiac arrest in public. According to reports, CPR is performed less than half of the time. This is mostly because a majority of the population doesn’t have CPR training. Others who are trained properly say that they’re afraid of harming the person, taking on legal ramifications, or sustaining infection.

CPR is Easy to Learn
CPR is taught at a number of facilities, including at Lifesaver Education in Los Angeles, California, and is easy to learn. The Lifesaver Education is an American Heart Association training site that offers certification in CPR. This is one of the many facilities that offer this training to the public. No matter where you learn it, CPR is simple to learn and can give you the chance to save a life of a loved one or stranger. Being able to save someone’s life is a profound gift!

Cardiac Arrest Can Happen Anywhere
It’s important to understand that cardiac arrest can come without warning. Most of the time, it occurs at home, making CPR training that much more important and helpful. There are countless documented instances where a person is kept alive thanks to a family member or friend who administered CPR immediately after cardiac arrest hit them. If you live with someone who is more susceptible to cardiac arrest you may want to consider taking a CPR class and getting your certification. It could mean the difference between life and death.

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