Incidental Findings: Kidney Stones (Nephrolithiasis)

I had my routine check-up with my obstetrics and gynecologist yesterday where a number of diagnostic tests were done such as transvaginal ultrasound, lower abdominal ultrasound, mammogram and breast ultrasound. The findings were unremarkable ob-gyne-wise.

Incidental Findings

However, there was an incidental findings found in my lower abdominal ultrasound. It says a stone was found in my right kidney and it measures 0.6 centimeters. It is significant, urology-wise. It is big. And actually it is hurting me for a year now, I just ignore it. I actually am experiencing all the very usual symptoms for nephrolithiasis, or the more common kidney stones such as right lower back pain, numbness of the right thigh, and the characteristic right flack pain on physical examination. But the very problem with me since I know already my condition, I am still in denial that I got this bad stone and now getting bigger.

Being a doctor doesn’t mean we are free from any diseases or illnesses. But with the field of profession we have, we can actually somehow diagnose ourselves if we have the disease or not. In my case, I have and I do know since then but I just can’t accept and imagine myself having this and being a patient suffering from this.

I am just praying that this will be dissolved and no operative procedures will be done to me. *crossing fingers*

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