6 Great Gifts for Breast Cancer Awareness

You don’t have to march to raise awareness for breast cancer. It can come in many different forms, including the gifts you give to patients, survivors and relatives, so here are just six presents that are sure to bring a smile to someone’s face during a difficult time.

1. Sleep Materials

Insomnia is a natural reaction to a cancer diagnosis, so help your loved one relax with things like pillows, eye masks and sleeping oils. If you buy them from an organization like the Breast Cancer Society, their recipient will also be comforted by the knowledge that their price went towards funding breast cancer research.

2. Robes

Robes and slippers are an excellent way to de-stress a stressful time. Choose soft, fuzzy materials in gentle colors that will wrap around their recipients like a dream. You can also add some socks, pajamas or sleep pants to complete the look.

3. Movies

Movies are a time-honored form of escapism. If you aren’t sure of their taste, however, it’s best not to guess. Just give them a subscription to Netflix or some other entertainment website so they can choose their own way of ignoring the cancer for a few hours.

4. Aromatherapy Products

Candles, oils and incense sticks are tricky things to buy for cancer patients; you never know when strong fragrances will trigger nausea after a long day of chemotherapy. Aromatherapy products are a nice compromise: They’re designed to soothe, not invigorate, but they’ll also overpower those awful medicinal smells.

5. Wigs

While you never want to choose someone’s wig for them, a few gift cards to a hair supplier can show your support without being presumptuous. They’ll have their own pick of wigs, extensions and other chemo-hiding materials, and better yet, they won’t have to break the bank to buy them.

6. Jewelry

You can’t go wrong with a beautiful necklace or a gorgeous pair of earrings. You don’t have to buy diamonds, either, if you’re giving gifts on a budget: Just about every breast cancer organization on the planet offers some form of bracelet, anklet or wristband to acknowledge the cause.

These are just six great breast cancer awareness gifts. Whether their recipient is a current patient or former survivor, you can show your support for their struggle with a sensitive and tactful gift that will bring joy to their hearts long after they’ve opened it.

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