How to be confident?

For a soon-to-be licensed medical doctor, it is very important to be confident in facing all the patients that come and go. Even though we are at our most hectic and ‘toxic’ day, we still have to make it to the point that we look professionally as we need to be.

But wait, the million-dollar question for this is how to be confident then, the very first thing.

There are a lot of ways to be. First is to have ourselves the most of the knowledge we could get in our everyday tasks. Since we are having different patients every day, and each has different cases, we need to be prepared by then so we won’t look like a dumb talking to our patients with nonsense stuff.

Second is that, we should not just address what the problems — or the illnesses of our patients be, but treating them as a whole individual — considering other factors that would contribute to the possible causes of their health problems. For instance, emotions of our patients often affect their health, it is better to address to it also — try to understand them more deeply and treat those factors as well accordingly.

Third is to cope up with our own health by taking some rest and eating healthy foods. Food supplements are also recommended for us now especially that during duty days, we can’t avoid having a grip of those really inviting greasy fast foods.

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