Protection For Everyone

When people are in a correctional environment, such as a jail or mental health facility, they need furniture that will not only keep them safe but the people who are working with them. These pieces usually don’t have the features that some other pieces of furniture have. Some of the furnishings can bolt to the floor so that the people using them can’t pick them up and throw them. Tables often have the chairs or stools attached so that the entire piece is heavier. This helps prevent the people in the facility from throwing the chairs at someone else.

Many of the chairs are soft in the design, and some have an area where restraints can be placed if the person gets disorderly while in the facility. There are seclusion beds that don’t have the springs in them. These are ideal for a mental health facility so that the patient can remain safe while sleeping. There are places underneath the bed so that straps can be placed in the event of an emergency situation. A visitation table is an option for those who have contact with family and friends but can’t have physical contact with anyone. Behavioral health furniture is made for those who might pose a danger to themselves or other people.

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