How Information Technology Can Help the Health Care Sector

If there is one sector that information technology has the potential to improve, it is the health care sector. Health care is an essential economic sector for obvious reasons, but sometimes patients do not receive the highest quality of care they deserve. Many information technology advocates hope their field can improve health care across the country.

Information technology is a broad term for mass computer communication and data storage. Information technology has seen growth by leaps and bounds over the years. This has helped several economic sectors, like banking and engineering, improve in terms of accessible data and communication. Since health care consists of immense personal health records, insurance and out-of-pocket transactions, encyclopedic medical information and communications between doctors, nurses and various administrative organizations, information technology is seen as a way of simplifying the health care experience.

One example of how information technology can help is with emergency room or urgent care wait times. People in dire need of medical attention may choose an emergency room or urgent care center only to find a long wait time. As a result, the patient receives below average care from the long wait time. Some companies, like, try to solve this issue by informing patients the average wait time at emergency rooms or urgent care facilities before they come in. The companies do this by coordinating with emergency rooms and urgent care centers in the same health care network. Using data the company can aggregate, the company publishes the wait times on their application or website. If a person in dire need of medical help has a smartphone or access to a computer, they can see through the website or application the wait times around them. They can then head to the center with the shortest wait time and avoid a long line.

With the help of information technology, many people in need of medical care can find their care improved. By streamlining the process and allowing communication with all parties simultaneously, information technology has the chance to fix many problems in the health care sector.

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