Health Informatics

Health care providers must do more than ensure a doctor has the right bedside manner to get the job done and make the patient feel at ease. There is a large amount of information that has to be entered into a system, sorted and routinely updated to ensure that a patient is receiving adequate health care. This information is vital in ensuring that not only medical complications can be avoided, but also to ultimately make health care more effective to improve the quality of patients’ lives..

As the health care technology has advanced greatly, so too has the amount of patient data stored. MRI scans, x-rays, electrolyte levels, hemoglobin A1c results and other diagnostic results need to be stored and organized for easy reference throughout and beyond a patient’s life.

How Health Informatics Improves Health Care

Information concerning patients has to be both secure and readily available. Security fulfills the mandates for patient safety put forth by medical institutions and governing bodies. Availability ensures that time-sensitive conditions such as heart attacks can be treated speedily to enable patients to recover faster, to live better, to promote positive life changes and to have an improved long-term outlook. That’s why individuals in the field of health informatics can save and improve lives along with the surgeons and physicians. Such a team can save more lives together while further allowing for patients to receive time-sensitive and effective health care.

Health Care Data Rapidly Increases in Volume

The amount of data stored by hospitals and clinics, each of which may see upwards of hundreds of thousands of patients each year, increases rapidly in tandem with the amount of diagnosis technology as it is introduced to the medical field. The relatively high pay available for professionals in the field of health informatics and the continued increase in the amount of health information gives proof that professionals with MSI degrees will be in high demand for some time.

Health Informatics: An Exciting Career Focused on Increasing the Quality of Health Care

Obtaining a degree in health informatics can help you save lives while allowing you to work with this exciting career. Places like Adelphi University offer feature-rich programs that help students become proficient in keeping this life-saving data secure and accessible. They even work with students with backgrounds outside of the field of health care to keep health informatics innovative and to help students meet with the ever-changing demands of the field and technology used within it.

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