Seafood Extracted Dietary Supplements

The dietary supplement industry is growing rapidly due to a demand for high quality nutrients. People are simply not getting enough vitamins and minerals from regular western diets. This leads to the desire for supplements that are formulated with all of the essential nutrients that the human body craves on a daily basis. A lot of people are most likely familiar with supplements that are derived from fish oil. Such gel capsules are formulated with essential fatty acids that improve heart health and brain function. 

Seafood can also be used to extract very important nutrients that many westerners lack. As a matter of fact, certain fish species and sharks are used for the extraction of vital minerals like calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. Consumers should understand that these marine creatures are not caught just for the sole purpose of gathering certain minerals. Whole fish and sharks do not go to waste. Such wild caught seafood is eaten worldwide. Remains such as the bones and cartilage are used to gather calcium and phosphorus that comes in powder form. Additionally, some of the skeletal structures of sharks are used for protein supplements. Consumers should have some peace of mind knowing that all marine extracted supplements are refined and processed in labs in order to meet safety standards.

There are specialty supplements shops that sell nutraceutical products like protein powder that’s extracted from sharks. Customers can click a buy now button to explore a selection of high quality capsules loaded with rich natural nutrients.

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