Sexual Wellness

Sex is a part of most healthy relationships; however, painful sex can cause the most loving of partners to shy away from the physical expression of love. Painful intercourse can occur when a woman’s vaginal muscles involuntarily spasms and makes penetration nearly impossible. Other issues can occur that can keep women away from sex. For example, menopause can cause vaginal dryness. 

A woman can feel horrible when she is not able to have sex with her partner. She wonders how she can feel close to her significant other without fulfilling this basic need between two people. She wonders if her partner will stray. Everything seems to be fine expect when this one aspect comes around. A woman’s partner can feel like something is wrong with them for a woman to pull away. A partner can feel like they did something wrong. 

No one’s to blame when a partner is not able to have sex; however, there are solutions to not being able to have sex depending upon the problem experienced. The vaginal wall is able to expand and may need some work, but it can be done. For vaginal dryness, there are lubrications available that can replicate vaginal lubrication. Whatever the issue is, there is most likely a solution. Relief from anxiety that can affect a relationship can make all the difference in the world. It can drastically help to improve the relationship in other areas as well. 

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