Benefits of Surrogacy and Egg Donation

Surrogacy and egg donation are two ways a woman can give back to others. If you are considering one of these acts, you may be curious as to what benefits you receive from undergoing such a serious act of compassion.

Helping Individuals and Couples Achieve their Dream

For those people who cannot conceive but desperately want to be parents, surrogates and egg donors may be their last chance at reaching their dream. Adoption isn’t always an option since the whole process is extremely long and difficult. Donating yourself to helping these people become parents is a selfless act that shows compassion for others. It is an act that will be remember for the rest of their lives.

Positive Emotions

Study after study have shown the those who chose to become a surrogate or donate their eggs have a feeling of pride that stays with them for years. They have helped the couple or individual achieve their dream of becoming a family. It can also give the donor the feeling of usefulness knowing they have had a positive effect on someone’s life. Studies show that women who become egg donors or surrogates have a higher amount of self-confidence then they did before.

Pass Down your DNA

For many women, the thought of motherhood isn’t something they enjoy, yet the desire to pass down their DNA is still there. Donating your eggs allows you to preserve your DNA without having to raise the child yourself. This means your family genes will spread out across the country and maybe even the world for generations to come.

Monetary Gain

Most women who become a surrogate or donate their eggs, do so because they want to help others become parents. The money they receive is simply an extra benefit that can help them immediately. It is a simple thank you for giving up a piece of their selves for the happiness of others.

Before you rush out and offer to help, do a bit or research and find an agency — such as Growing Generations — that has a good reputation and is well respected.

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